What are the Different Types of Industrial Batteries?

Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cell compositions, batteries help to supply electrical power to countless electronic devices. To differentiate between various types of batteries, such components are classified into primary and secondary forms. Varying in life expectancy, primary batteries are incapable of being recharged while secondary types can easily be discharged and recharged for prolonged use. Due to this fact, most batteries are typically not universal and require a specified size composition to accurately fit an application. When grouped into their respective primary or secondary categories, based on their intended employment, batteries can then be implemented within an accompanying electronic device based on a required need. Out of all the potential sources of energy, industrial batteries are some of the most robust to date, offering improved performance, reliability, and longevity as compared to their other general-use types. Within this blog, to better understand how industrial batteries work based on their composition, we will discuss their common types below and how they operate.

  • Lithium-ion Batteries

From large batteries requiring multiple cells to smaller variations that may only consist of a single cell, all batteries come included with a positive terminal (cathode) and negative terminal (anode). Built to fit into an intended part with ease, lithium-ion batteries are a class of dry-cell secondary batteries. With the potential for high electromechanical changes of lithium compounds within lithium cells, each cell can generate around three or more volts of electromechanical force(EMF). Providing fast charging and discharging speeds for both light and heavy-duty batteries, lithium-ion cells are a popular option for aircraft, forklifts, electronic devices such as phones and laptops, satellites, and more.

  • Lead-acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries, unlike lithium-ion batteries, are typically larger and heavier in size. Due to the substantial amount of space needed for these items, they are best utilized for a larger assortment of machinery. This includes being used for industrial forklifts, emergency lighting, and other various forms of automobile starting, lighting, and ignition systems. On behalf of their size, lead-acid batteries can also be costly when bought new, but are capable of being recharged when obtained in either a refurbished or used state.

  • Nickel-cadmium Batteries

Unlike the aforementioned battery types, nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial use are often integrated into aircraft, emergency lighting, standby power, motive power, and other uninterruptible power applications. Greater in price than that of a lead-acid battery, due to their material costs and detrimental impacts on the environment, nickel-cadmium batteries are quickly growing obsolete. Now, those within the European Union can only purchase nickel-cadmium batteries when defective or when in use for medical devices.

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