Signs That Indicate the Need for a Hydraulic Pump Repair

Hydraulic pumps are a crucial element of hydraulic systems, serving to transform mechanical power into hydraulic energy that is used to drive various systems, assemblies, elements, and more. While hydraulic pumps are quite robust and advanced, they still face wear and tear over time, as well as part failures if issues become exacerbated. As pump failures can easily lead to a halt in productivity and other various undesirable issues, it is important that such equipment is regularly maintained. To best prevent accidents, it is also highly beneficial to be aware of the most common signs indicating a forthcoming failure.

There are many signs that an issue is present within a hydraulic pump, but the most common are the presence of excessive noise, external or internal leakage, output flow or pressure loss, and intensive heat. Excessive noise will generally present itself in the form of a grinding or banging sound sourcing from the pump, those of which may be caused by aeration or cavitation. Aeration in particular is a result of air leaks within the system, caused by the improper seating of seal or fitting components. With the bubbles formed as the air mixes with hydraulic fluids, issues such as component damage or seal burning may ensue.

Cavitation is a problem that stems from vapor pressure surpassing absolute pressure as fluid demands are not met. A low fluid supply will quickly lead to gas bubbles that change pressure, and their implosion will cause significant wear and tear. If cavitation or aeration is suspected, the assembly should be checked as soon as possible.

Hydraulic pump leaks may occur within the pump or outside of it, the latter being the easiest to detect. External leaks often come as a result of failing seal, fitting, or hose components, causing internal fluids to escape. On the other hand, internal leaks come from typical wear and tear over time, leading to new areas for fluids to flow.

Output flow and pressure losses are never desirable, causing maximum efficiency to be unachievable. These types of losses may coincide with other issues, as leaking fluids, component damage, or other such issues can easily lead to performance dips. As such, regular maintenance and inspection is crucial.

While hydraulic pumps generate heat during any typical operation, an excessive amount of heat can easily lead to damage and failures. Overheating may be a result of various issues, ranging from an air leak to a damaged heat exchanger unit which is crucial for cooling equipment to function correctly. Low viscosity fluids, low lubrication, or contaminates may also lead to problems, all causing the pump to work harder or less efficiently.

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