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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Instrumentation Cable, which consists of 1036A-010-1000, 1063A-010-10000, 1069A-010-7500, 11106, 1118A-010-1000 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
1036A-010-1000 Belden 1036A-010-1000 Instrumentation Cable, 18 AW... Belden RFQ
1063A-010-10000 Belden 1063A-010-10000 18AWG 2PR SHIELDED TRAY CAB... Belden RFQ
1069A-010-7500 Belden 1069A-010-7500 16 GUAGE 2 PAIR Belden RFQ
11106 Prysmian 11106 4C 18AWG (OAS) BOSTRIG TYPE P Prysmian RFQ
1118A-010-1000 Belden 1118A-010-1000 BLW 1118A-010-1000 16 AWG PA... Belden RFQ
1120A-010-10000 Belden 1120A-010-10000 Instrumentation Cable, Over... Belden RFQ
113318 Lutze 113318 SUPERFLEX PLUS N(C)PUR Lutze RFQ
113412 Lutze 113412 LTZ 113412 SUPERFLEX PLUS N PUR Lutze RFQ
117113 Lutze 117113 High Flexing Electronic Cable, 22/10,... Lutze RFQ
1240064 Prysmian 1240064 CORD PIGTAIL MALE ROBOTICS (A) #1... Prysmian RFQ
16001POS Advanced Digital Cable 16001POS ADG 16001POS 16/1 ... Advanced Digital Cable RFQ
16001TOS Advanced Digital Cable 16001TOS ADG 16001TOS 16/1 ... Advanced Digital Cable RFQ
20260242 Prysmian 20260242 1C 313MCM BOSTRIG TYPE P 2KV HD ... Prysmian RFQ
20260244 Prysmian 20260244 1C 646MCM BOSTRIG TYPE P 2KV HD ... Prysmian RFQ
20260269 Prysmian 20260269 3C 16AWG BOSTRIG TYPE P Prysmian RFQ
20260293 Prysmian 20260293 37C 14AWG BOSTRIG TYPE P BS 600V Prysmian RFQ
20260308 Prysmian 20260308 12PR 16AWG (IS-OS) BOSTRIG TYPE ... Prysmian RFQ
20260312 Prysmian 20260312 4PR 16AWG (IS-OS) BOSTRIG TYPE P... Prysmian RFQ
20260316 Prysmian 20260316 24PR 16AWG (IS-OS) BOSTRIG TYPE ... Prysmian RFQ
20260319 Prysmian 20260319 4C 16AWG (OAS) BOSTRIG TYPE P Prysmian RFQ
20260370 Prysmian 20260370 18PR 16AWG (IS-OS) BOSTRIG TYPE ... Prysmian RFQ
20260451 Prysmian 20260451 3/777+3-2/0 GRD XL O/S HYP TOPDR... Prysmian RFQ
20260633 Prysmian 20260633 37C 14AWG BOSTRIG TYPE P CPE Prysmian RFQ
20265782 Prysmian 20265782 1C 4/0AWG (HD) TYPE P 2KV Prysmian RFQ
20265784 Prysmian 20265784 1C 535MCM BOSTRIG TYPE P 2KV HD ... Prysmian RFQ
20265796 Prysmian 20265796 4C 14AWG TYPE P Prysmian RFQ
20265842 Prysmian 20265842 1PR 16AWG (OS) BOSTRIG TYPE P CP... Prysmian RFQ
20267104 Prysmian 20267104 12C 12AWG BOSTRIG TYPE P 600V Prysmian RFQ
20267104-69M Prysmian 20267104-69M 12C 12AWG BOSTRIG TYPE P 600... Prysmian RFQ
2202-19T016F01 Orion Wire 2202-19T016F01 ORNW 2202-19T016F01 1 PR... Orion Wire RFQ
261-10-3312 Okonite 261-10-3312 12PR #18 7X COPPER-015 OKOSEAL... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4402 Okonite 261-10-4402 2/PR 16 7X COPPER - 015 OKOSEA... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4404 Okonite 261-10-4404 Instrumentation Cable, Type IT... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4408 Okonite 261-10-4408 Instrumentation Cable, Type IT... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4412 Okonite 261-10-4412 Instrumentation Cable, Type IT... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4416 Okonite 261-10-4416 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
261-10-4424 Okonite 261-10-4424 Type ITC/PLTC Instrumentation ... Okonite RFQ
261-60-4402 Okonite 261-60-4402 2/PR 16 7X COPPER Okonite RFQ
261-60-4404 Okonite 261-60-4404 Type TC Instrumentation Cable,... Okonite RFQ
261-60-4408 Okonite 261-60-4408 OKO 261-60-4408 8/PR 16 7X TIN... Okonite RFQ
261-60-4412 Okonite 261-60-4412 Type TC Instrumentation Cable,... Okonite RFQ
261-60-4424 Okonite 261-60-4424 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
261-65-4408 Okonite 261-65-4408 8/TR 16 7X TINNED COPPER DRAIN... Okonite RFQ
261-65-4412 Okonite 261-65-4412 12/TR 16 7X COPPER Okonite RFQ
264-15-4401 Okonite 264-15-4401 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
264-60-3301 Okonite 264-60-3301 1PR 18AWG 7X CU OKOSEAL PVC BL... Okonite RFQ
264-60-4401 Okonite 264-60-4401 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
264-60-5501 Okonite 264-60-5501 OKOSEAL-N TYPE P-OS 1-PR 14AWG... Okonite RFQ
264-65-4401 Okonite 264-65-4401 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
284-10-3312 Okonite 284-10-3312 Thermocouple Extension Cable, ... Okonite RFQ
302006 Lapp 302006 Flexible Industrial Control Cable, 20/... Lapp RFQ
36A358208AAG08 Distributed by Parts Super Center 36A358208AAG08 W... Distributed By Parts Super Center RFQ
37102620 Nexans Amercable 37102620 Instrumentation Cable, 1... Nexans Amercable RFQ
394054A Prysmian 394054A 4TSP16 VN/PVC ISOS LV AIRGUARD IN... Prysmian RFQ
490NAA27102 Square D 490NAA27102 Communications Cable, Modbus ... Square D RFQ
5200FE-008-1000 Belden 5200FE-008-1000 5200FE-008-1000 Belden RFQ
561-60-3402 Okonite 561-60-3402 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-60-3404 Okonite 561-60-3404 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-60-3412 Okonite 561-60-3412 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-60-3424 Okonite 561-60-3424 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-60-3436 Okonite 561-60-3436 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-65-3408 Okonite 561-65-3408 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
561-65-3412 Okonite 561-65-3412 12/TR 16 CLX 7X COPPER 600V TY... Okonite RFQ
564-10-3401 Okonite 564-10-3401 16/1PR ITC/PLTC Okonite RFQ
564-60-3401 Okonite 564-60-3401 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
564-65-3401 Okonite 564-65-3401 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG,... Okonite RFQ
564-92-3301 Okonite 564-92-3301 1/PR 18 CLX 41X TINNED COPPER ... Okonite RFQ
59194499 Southwire 59194499 Control Cable, 14/2 XHHW-2, Typ... Southwire RFQ
59194999 Southwire 59194999 14/5 EPR/CPE TC-ER Southwire RFQ
59195099 Southwire 59195099 Instrumentation Cable, 14/7, EP... Southwire RFQ
59195299 Southwire 59195299 Instrumentation Cable, 14/12, E... Southwire RFQ
59195499 Southwire 59195499 14/19 EPR/CPE TC-ER Southwire RFQ
59196099 Southwire 59196099 Control Cable, Type TC-ER, 12/3... Southwire RFQ
59196199 Southwire 59196199 CPE Control Cable, 12/3 Copper ... Southwire RFQ
59196499 Southwire 59196499 12/7 EPR/CPE TC-ER 1MFT R Southwire RFQ
59197299 Southwire 59197299 10/2 EPR/CPE TC FLAT Southwire RFQ
59197399 Southwire 59197399 10/2 EPR/CPE TC 1MFT R BLK Southwire RFQ
59197599 Southwire 59197599 CPE Control Cable, 10/3 Copper ... Southwire RFQ
59197699 Southwire 59197699 Control Cable, Type TC-ER, 10/4... Southwire RFQ
59198199 Southwire 59198199 Power Cable, Type TC-ER, 8/3, X... Southwire RFQ
59198399 Southwire 59198399 Instrumentation Cable, 6/3, EPR... Southwire RFQ
59199399 Southwire 59199399 Power Cable, Type TC-ER, 2/0-3,... Southwire RFQ
59199699 Southwire 59199699 Instrumentation Cable, 4/0-3, E... Southwire RFQ
59211599 Southwire 59211599 Instumentation Cable, 22 AWG, 1... Southwire RFQ
59212199 Southwire 59212199 TC-ER Instrumentation Cable, 16... Southwire RFQ
59212399 Southwire 59212399 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, ... Southwire RFQ
59212499 Southwire 59212499 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, ... Southwire RFQ
59212899 Southwire 59212899 Instrumenation Cable, TC-ER, 18... Southwire RFQ
59548099 Southwire 59548099 Instumentation Cable, 18 AWG, 4... Southwire RFQ
602215S Lapp 602215S LAPP 602215S 22AWG/15C INDUSTRIAL Lapp RFQ
6715-WH005 Alpha Wire 6715-WH005 WIRE 18 AWG WHITE Alpha Wire RFQ
68303 TPC Wire & Cable 68303 TPC 68303 18/3 SHEILDED CAB... Tpc Wire And Cable RFQ
68304 TPC Wire & Cable 68304 Control Cable, 18 AWG, 4-Pa... Tpc Wire And Cable RFQ
68306 TPC Wire & Cable 68306 Control Cable, 18 AWG, 6-Pa... Tpc Wire And Cable RFQ
6XV18300PH10 Siemens 6XV18300PH10 Instrumentation Cable, Overal... Siemens RFQ
6XV18300PH10-PUR Siemens Siemens RFQ
83085 Helukabel USA 83085 18AWG 12C PVC INSUL Helukabel Usa RFQ
83086 Helukabel USA 83086 18AWG 18C PVC INSUL Helukabel Usa RFQ
83351E-009-500 Belden 83351E-009-500 High Temperature Electronic,... Belden RFQ
9320-060-U1000 Belden 9320-060-U1000 2 20 PVC SHLD Belden RFQ
9341-010-1000 Belden 9341-010-1000 BLW 9341 0101000 Belden RFQ
9350.1602 General Cable 9350.1602 2PR16AWG ISOS General Cable RFQ
9350.16040002 General Cable 9350.16040002 Armored Cable, Individ... General Cable RFQ
9365-060-U500 Belden 9365-060-U500 318 PVC FS SHLD Belden RFQ
9366-060-U1000 Belden 9366-060-U1000 3 16 PVC FS PVC Belden RFQ
9430-060-U500 Belden 9430-060-U500 CHROME 7 22 PVC Belden RFQ
9431-060-100 Belden 9431-060-100 CHROME 20 22 PVC Belden RFQ
9556-060-1000 Belden 9556-060-1000 18AWG TWISTED Belden RFQ
9892-006-1000 Belden 9892-006-1000 BLW 9892-006-1000 4PR #20 FHD... Belden RFQ
A3132002 Omni Cable A3132002 PLTC PVC CABLE 20AWG 2 CON 300... Omni Cable RFQ
A51205 Omni Cable A51205 12/5C XPTC N/S 600V TC Omni Cable RFQ
AF61604 Omni Cable AF61604 Instrumentation Cable, 16/4-Pai... Omni Cable RFQ
AF61608 Omni Cable AF61608 FR-EP/CPE MULTIPLE Omni Cable RFQ
AF61612 Omni Cable AF61612 16G 12PR INSTRUMENTATION CABLE Omni Cable RFQ
AF61624 Omni Cable AF61624 Instrumentation Cable, 16/24-Pa... Omni Cable RFQ
AF61801 Omni Cable AF61801 18/1PR OS W/DRAIN FREP/CPE BLK/... Omni Cable RFQ
AF71601 Omni Cable AF71601 16/1TR OS W/DRAIN FREP CPE BLK/... Omni Cable RFQ
AF71608 Omni Cable AF71608 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, ... Omni Cable RFQ
AL1896 8C Omni Cable AL1896/8C 20AWG 7/28 8C UNSHLD PVC/PVC ... Omni Cable RFQ
AL5052C Omni Cable AL5052C #20/2C N/S XTRA GUARD-1 300V GR... Omni Cable RFQ
AL5056C Omni Cable AL5056C 20AWG 7/28 6C UNSHLD PVC/PVC 30... Omni Cable RFQ
AL5060 15C Omni Cable AL5060/15C 20AWG 7/28 15C UNSHLD GRAY P... Omni Cable RFQ
AL5060C Omni Cable AL5060C #20/10C N/S XTRA GUARD-1 300V G... Omni Cable RFQ
ALV16012 Omni Cable ALV16012 OMNI ALV16012 VFD CBL Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1030A Omni Cable BEL1030A 16/1P SHLD 300V PLTC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1032A Omni Cable BEL1032A 18/1PR BC PVC/PVC SHLD INDUSTR... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1048A Omni Cable BEL1048A 18/2PR BC PVCN/PVC I/O SHLD IN... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1120A Omni Cable BEL1120A 2 18 PVC/NYL FS PVC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1502P Omni Cable BEL1502P 18/2C 22/1PSHLD FEP/FRPVC BROA... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL1502R Omni Cable BEL1502R 18/2C 22/1PSHLD FPE/FRPVC BROA... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL62P1624 Omni Cable BEL62P1624 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AW... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL7438WS Omni Cable BEL7438WS 14/6 BC PVC NYLON SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
BEL7896A Omni Cable BEL7896A 600V 18AWG ODVA DEVICE Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8458 Omni Cable BEL8458 22/15C TC PVC/PVC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8469 Omni Cable BEL8469 18/9C TC PVC/PVC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8719 Omni Cable BEL8719 16/1P TC PE/PVC SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8760MN Omni Cable BEL8760MN 18/1P TC PP/PVC SHLD GRAY SPA... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8762 Omni Cable BEL8762 20/1P TC PE/PVC SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8770 Omni Cable BEL8770 8770 3C 18G AUDIO, CONTROL Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8772 Omni Cable BEL8772 20/3C TC PE/PVC SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
BEL88760 Omni Cable BEL88760 18/1P STR TC FEP/FEP Omni Cable RFQ
BEL8899-1 Omni Cable BEL8899-1 18/1C TC RUBBER 5KV BLACK LEA... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL89729 Omni Cable BEL89729 GRAY 2 SH PR #24 FFEP SLF Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9316 Omni Cable BEL9316 16/1P SHLD 300V PLTC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9341 Omni Cable BEL9341 OMC BEL9341 BELDEN 9341 18/1PR ... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9364 Omni Cable BEL9364 20/1T TC SHLD 300V PLTC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9418 Omni Cable BEL9418 18/4C TC SRPVC/PVC SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9439 Omni Cable BEL9439 20/7C TC PVC/PVC Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9513 Omni Cable BEL9513 22/3P TC PVC/PVC SHLD PLTC INDU... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9536 Omni Cable BEL9536 24/6C TC SRPVC/PVC SHLD 300V Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9615 Omni Cable BEL9615 24/10C TC SRPVC/PVC DSHLD CLASS... Omni Cable RFQ
BEL9942 Omni Cable BEL9942 CHROME 6 #22 PVC SH PVC Omni Cable RFQ
BIW-036779 Prysmian BIW-036779 COMPOSITE 3C #16 + 4TP#20 + OS Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-12948 Prysmian CUSTESCO-12948 CORD PGTL MALE #14 37C 31M Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-13088 Prysmian CUSTESCO-13088 SENSOR T ECI 900 Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-15540 Prysmian CUSTESCO-15540 MAIN SERVICE ESD 4C 18AWG ... Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-4108 Prysmian CUSTESCO-4108 CORD EXT ROBOTICS A 37C14 6... Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-5006963 Prysmian CUSTESCO-5006963 CORD EX ROBITICS A 37C 1... Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-5052681 Prysmian CUSTESCO-5052681 CORD EST ELEC DRIVEN/LUB... Prysmian RFQ
CUSTESCO-5052683 Prysmian CUSTESCO-5052683 CORD PTAIL ELEC DRIVE/LU... Prysmian RFQ
D11602 Omni Cable D11602 16/1 PVC SHLD CABLE Omni Cable RFQ
D11802 Omni Cable D11802 Electronic Wire, 18 /2, CMR/CL3R... Omni Cable RFQ
D11803 Omni Cable D11803 (3) 18 AWG Multi-Conductor 300V Omni Cable RFQ
D12003 General Cable D12003 GENERAL CABLE D1200320/3.TYPE... General Cable RFQ
D12203 Omni Cable D12203 OMND12203 SUB FOR BLD8771 Omni Cable RFQ
D32002 Omni Cable D32002 OMNI D32002#20/2P STR. TC I/S Omni Cable RFQ
D32202 Omni Cable D32202 OMNI D32202 Omni Cable RFQ
D32203 Omni Cable D32203 OMNI D3220322/3P STR TC I/S PVC=... Omni Cable RFQ
D91808 Omni Cable D91808 OMNI #18/8C CMR/CL3R/FPLR TC Omni Cable RFQ
D91820 Omni Cable D91820 OMNI D91820 #18 20C CABLE Omni Cable RFQ
E100D Sola Hevi-Duty E100D Transformer, Control, 100VA, ... Sola Hevi Duty RFQ
G101602-PG Omni Cable G101602-PG #16/2C SOL BC CL3P/CMP N/S 3... Omni Cable RFQ
G122202 Omni Cable G122202 OMNG122202 Omni Cable RFQ
I62024-KX Omni Cable I62024-KX Instrumentation Cable, Multip... Omni Cable RFQ
K31602 Omni Cable K31602 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 1... Omni Cable RFQ
K31802 Omni Cable K31802 Instrumentation Cable, 18 AWG, 1... Omni Cable RFQ
K32002 Omni Cable K32002 20/1PR PVC/OS/PVC BLK/WHT 300V P... Omni Cable RFQ
K41603 Omni Cable K41603 300V O/S (1031A) Omni Cable RFQ
K41803 Omni Cable K41803 OMNI K41803 18/3 TWISTED SHLD Omni Cable RFQ
K42003 Omni Cable K42003 20G 1TRIAD SHIELDED INSTRUMENTAT... Omni Cable RFQ
L31608 Omni Cable L31608 OMC L31608 16/8 PR SHIELDED CABL... Omni Cable RFQ
L31802 Omni Cable L31802 18 AWG 2-Pairs Instrumentation C... Omni Cable RFQ
L31804 Omni Cable L31804 OMNI L31804 18GA 4PR PLTCTRAY CA... Omni Cable RFQ
L31808 Omni Cable L31808 18 AWG 8-Pairs Instrumentation C... Omni Cable RFQ
L31824 Omni Cable L31824 18G24PR SHIELDED Omni Cable RFQ
L32002 Omni Cable L32002 2PR 20 GAUGE Omni Cable RFQ
L32004 Omni Cable L32004 OMNI L32004 4PR 2OAWG CABLEINSTR... Omni Cable RFQ
L32008 Omni Cable L32008 Copper Cable, Cat 6A Advanced Ma... Omni Cable RFQ
L32012 Omni Cable L32012 OMNI L32012 12 PR CABLE Omni Cable RFQ
L32024 Omni Cable L32024 OMC L32024 20/24PR PVC/SPOS/PVC Omni Cable RFQ
L41602 Omni Cable L41602 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 2... Omni Cable RFQ
L41604 Omni Cable L41604 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 4... Omni Cable RFQ
L41608 Omni Cable L41608 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 8... Omni Cable RFQ
L41620 Omni Cable L41620 16/20PR PVC/SPOS/PVC Omni Cable RFQ
L41624 Omni Cable L41624 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 2... Omni Cable RFQ
L41636 Omni Cable L41636 Instrumentation Cable, 16 AWG, 3... Omni Cable RFQ
L41804 Omni Cable L41804 Instrumentation Cable, 18 AWG, 4... Omni Cable RFQ
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