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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Strippers Cutters Crimpers And Combo Tools, which consists of 02005-620, 02060204, 0252-11, 0252611517, 030562605 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
02005-620 Rees 02005-620 ROPE CLIP,REES,CST Rees RFQ
02060204 Wago 02060204 VARIOCRIMP CRIMPING Wago RFQ
0252-11 Greenlee 0252-11 Non-Metallic Cable Ripper Greenlee RFQ
0252611517 Weidmuller 0252611517 WEI 0252611517 WIRE MARKR P/... Weidmuller RFQ
030562605 Entrelec 030562605 Wire Ferrule Crimping Tool Entrelec RFQ
0567300000 Weidmuller 0567300000 TOOL PZ 3 CRIMP Weidmuller RFQ
0653-01R Greenlee Greenlee RFQ
0952-01 Greenlee 0952-01 MC Cable Cutter Greenlee RFQ
09990000052 Harting 09990000052 REMOVAL TOOL, HAN Harting RFQ
1000 Klein 1000 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool Klein RFQ
1001 Klein 1001 All-Purpose Electrician's Tool Klein RFQ
1003 Klein 1003 Wire Stripper-Cutter Klein RFQ
1004 Klein 1004 Wire Stripper-Cutter with Spring Klein RFQ
1005 Klein 1005 Crimping/Cutting Tool for Connectors, 1... Klein RFQ
1005-INS Klein 1005-INS 10"" Insulated Crimping Tool Klein RFQ
1006 Klein 1006 Crimping/Cutting Tool for Terminals Klein RFQ
1009 Klein 1009 Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper, 10-20 ... Klein RFQ
101-2BP Leviton 101-2BP LEV 101-2BP 2 WIRE PLUG BROWN Leviton RFQ
1010 Klein 1010 Long-Nose, Multi-Purpose Tool Klein RFQ
1011 Klein 1011 Wire Stripper/Cutter, Spring Loaded Klein RFQ
11-02-160 Knipex 11-02-160 END-TYPE WIRE STRIPPER-COMFORT GR... Knipex RFQ
1100L Klein 1100L Aviation Snip Klein RFQ
1101R Klein 1101R Aviation Snip Klein RFQ
1102S Klein 1102S Aviation Snips, Straight Klein RFQ
11045-12 Klein 11045-12 Wire Stripper 12 Pc with Strip Clip Klein RFQ
11045-INS Klein 11045-INS Wire Stripper-insul Klein RFQ
11046 Klein 11046 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 16-26 AWG Klein RFQ
11047 Klein 11047 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 22-30 AWG Klein RFQ
11048 Klein 11048 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 10-14 AWG Klein RFQ
11049 Klein 11049 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 8-16 AWG Klein RFQ
11049-INS Klein 11049-INS Klein 11049-ins Insulated Wire Str... Klein RFQ
11053 Klein 11053 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 6-12 AWG Klein RFQ
11054 Klein 11054 Wire Stripper/Cutter Klein RFQ
11055 Klein 11055 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 10-18 AWG Klein RFQ
11055-INS Klein 11055-INS Wire Stripper/Cutter Klein RFQ
11057 Klein 11057 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 20-30 AWG Klein RFQ
11063W Klein 11063W Wire Stripper/Cutter Klein RFQ
11074 Klein 11074 KLEIN 11074 Blades for Wire Strippe Klein RFQ
11470 TPC Wire & Cable 11470 TPC 11470 REPLACEMENT CABLE Tpc Wire And Cable RFQ
1157830000 Weidmuller 1157830000 WEI 1157830000 KT 22 CABLE C... Weidmuller RFQ
11790 Greenlee 11790 Adapter-die 3/4-10x.750 (1732-m2) Greenlee RFQ
11791 Greenlee 11791 Adapter-die 3/4x3/8 (1732) Greenlee RFQ
1200L Klein 1200L Aviation Snips with Wire Cutter, Left Klein RFQ
1202S Klein 1202S Aviation Snips with Wire Cutter, Strai... Klein RFQ
1221-SR Leviton 1221-SR Heavy Duty Single-Pole Switch, 20A... Leviton RFQ
13100A Thomas & Betts 13100A TB 13100A 14 TON HYD HEAD 10... Thomas And Betts RFQ
13454 Thomas & Betts 13454 Diesfor TBM5 Tool Thomas And Betts RFQ
13456 Thomas & Betts 13456 Die Multi-nest Thomas And Betts RFQ
13457 Thomas & Betts 13457 DIE TBM5 SERIES TOOL 1-3/0 AL Thomas And Betts RFQ
13458 Thomas & Betts 13458 Die for TBM5 Series Tool, 4/0... Thomas And Betts RFQ
13642M Thomas & Betts 13642M TB 13642M HYD POWER TOOL FOR... Thomas And Betts RFQ
1439990000 Weidmuller 1439990000 WEI 1439990000 PROMO SET NAF... Weidmuller RFQ
1444050000 Weidmuller 1444050000 PZ6 ROTO L WITH CRIMP DIE LO... Weidmuller RFQ
1445070000 Weidmuller 1445070000 PZ 10 HEX CRIMP TOOL Weidmuller RFQ
1445080000 Weidmuller 1445080000 WEI 1445080000 PZ 10 SQR Weidmuller RFQ
1542250000 Weidmuller 1542250000 WEI 1542250000 Weidmuller RFQ
15500-TB Thomas & Betts 15500-TB DIE ADAPTER FOR 15TON TBM1... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15501A Thomas & Betts 15501A AL H-TAP DIE CODE D COLOR CO... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15506SS Thomas & Betts 15506SS Thomas & Betts 15506SS Thomas And Betts RFQ
15506X Thomas & Betts 15506X CT 15506X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15508X Thomas & Betts 15508X CT 15508X 14 TON HEX FLEX DI... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15510-CK Thomas Thomas And Betts RFQ
15510SS Thomas & Betts 15510SS CT 15510SS 12-14 TON SS HEX... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15510X Thomas & Betts 15510X CT 15510X 14 TON HEX FLEX DI... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15511SS Thomas & Betts 15511SS Thomas & Betts 15511SS Thomas And Betts RFQ
15511X Thomas & Betts 15511X CT 15511X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15512 Thomas & Betts 15512 HEX DIE W/ DIE CODE 76H BLUE Thomas And Betts RFQ
15512X Thomas & Betts 15512X CT 15512X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15513-CK Thomas & Betts 15513-CK 1AWG GRN HYD HD DIE Thomas And Betts RFQ
15514-CK Thomas & Betts 15514-CK Hex Die W/ Die Code 71h Thomas And Betts RFQ
15514X Thomas & Betts 15514X CT 15514X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15517X Thomas & Betts 15517X CT 15517X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15520 Thomas & Betts 15520 HEX DIE W/ DIE CODE 21 RED Thomas And Betts RFQ
15526SS Thomas & Betts 15526SS CT 15526SS 12-14TON SS FLEX... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15526X Thomas & Betts 15526X CT 15526X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15527-CK Thomas & Betts 15527-CK HEX DIE W/ DIE CODE 29 GRA... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15530X Thomas & Betts 15530X CT 15530X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15534X Thomas & Betts 15534X CT 15534X 14TON FLEX DIE NES... Thomas And Betts RFQ
15536-CK Thomas & Betts 15536-CK TB 15536-CK HEX DIE W/ DIE... Thomas And Betts RFQ
1585A-JCRIMP Allen-Bradley 1585A-JCRIMP Crimping Tool, Cable St... Allen Bradley RFQ
15G86R Thomas & Betts 15G86R THOMAS & BETT 15G86R DIE Thomas And Betts RFQ
169400 Tyco Electronics 169400 ASI 169400 CERTI-LOK HANDT... Tyco Electronics RFQ
16R20-UB Leviton 16R20-UB LEV 16R20-UB 16 SERIES FEMALE REC Leviton RFQ
17 6097Z1-020FP Gruber Communications 17*6097Z1-020FP PATCH CABLE ... Gruber Communications RFQ
17459 Greenlee 17459 Jaw,cutter (751) Greenlee RFQ
17BA Nicopress 17BA NICOPRESS TOOL Nicopress RFQ
17P21-O Leviton 17P21-O Male, Protective Cap, Cam-Type, Or... Leviton RFQ
18-223 Blackburn Blackburn RFQ
1903 Greenlee 1903 Pocket Cable Stripper Greenlee RFQ
1916A Greenlee Greenlee RFQ
1917-SS Greenlee 1917-SS Wire Stripper, 16-26 Sol, 18-28 S... Greenlee RFQ
1927A Greenlee Greenlee RFQ
1935 Greenlee 1935 Stripper,wire (1935) Greenlee RFQ
1941-1 Greenlee 1941-1 Conduit Cutter Replacement Blade Greenlee RFQ
1950-SS Greenlee 1950-SS Stainless Steel Wire Stripper Greenlee RFQ
1981 Greenlee 1981 Manual Indenter Crimping Tool Greenlee RFQ
2005N Klein 2005N Forged Steel Wire Crimper, Cutter, Str... Klein RFQ
2006 Klein 2006 Crimping Tool 8AWG To 4/0 Klein RFQ
206-1204 Wago 206-1204 VARIOCRIMP FERRULE CRIMP TOOL FOR 24... Wago RFQ
2073113 Irwin 2073113 IRW 2073113 AVIATION SNIP, COMPOUND,... Irwin RFQ
2078300 Irwin 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 10-24 ... Irwin RFQ
2078316 Irwin 2078316 IRW 2078316 6"" WIRE STRIPPER/CUTTER Irwin RFQ
2100L Klein 2100L Aviation Snips, Left/Straight Klein RFQ
2101R Klein 2101R Aviation Snips, Right/Straight Klein RFQ
21050 Klein 21050 LARGE CABLE STRIPPER (750-350 MCM) Klein RFQ
21051 Klein 21051 Large Cable Stripper, 2/0-250 MCM, Clo... Klein RFQ
2156V-BOX Eaton Arrow Hart 2156V-BOX Wallplate 6G Toggle The... Eaton Arrow Hart RFQ
22103103 Lenox 22103103 Aviation Snips Lenox RFQ
2217299-1 Tyco Electronics 2217299-1 SAHT HAND TOOL Tyco Electronics RFQ
23055 Sharkbite 23055 PEX CRIMP RING REMOVAL TOOL Sharkbite RFQ
23100 Sharkbite 23100 CRIMP RING TOOL KIT Sharkbite RFQ
23251 Sharkbite 23251 1/2&3/4 PEX CRIMP TOOL Sharkbite RFQ
2879-20 Milwaukee 2879-20 M18 FORCE LOGIC 15T Crimper (Too... Milwaukee RFQ
30-3429 Ideal 30-3429 Ideal 30-3429 Crimp Tool, Smart-grip Ideal RFQ
30-428 Ideal 30-428 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 8-22 AWG Ideal RFQ
30-429 Ideal 30-429 Multi-Crimp Tool, 10-22 AWG Wire, 9-3... Ideal RFQ
30-500 Ideal 30-500 Wire Crimper, 10-22 AWG Ideal RFQ
30-506 Ideal 30-506 CRIMPMASTER FRAME Ideal RFQ
30-559 Ideal 30-559 Die Set, RJ-45 Keyed and Non-Keyed, f... Ideal RFQ
30-577 Ideal 30-577 Die Set, N-Series Ideal RFQ
30-578 Ideal 30-578 DIE SET,RG-59 8281 QD HEX Ideal RFQ
30-579 Ideal 30-579 Die Set,insul Term 22-10 Ideal RFQ
30-581 Ideal 30-581 Die Set, Capacity: Combo RG-58, RG-59... Ideal RFQ
30-9429 Ideal 30-9429 Multi-Crimp Tool, Insulated, 9-3/4""... Ideal RFQ
302023C UniRac 302023C SolarMount End Clamp Unirac RFQ
31-CJ MacLean Power Systems 31-CJ JOS 31-CJ 11X11-3/4 PL... Maclean Power Systems RFQ
31-CJ Nicopress 31-CJ 0910146 NICOPRESS TOOL Nicopress RFQ
31-DJ Nicopress 31-DJ SPLICING CRIMP TOOL Nicopress RFQ
32002 Greenlee 32002 Die-rd 15,2mm (.598) (7211ebb) (3/8... Greenlee RFQ
32004 Greenlee 32004 Die-rd 20,4mm (.803) (730ebb) (3/8"... Greenlee RFQ
32006 Greenlee 32006 Die-rd 28,3mm (1.114) (3/8""d/s) Greenlee RFQ
32008 Greenlee 32008 Die-rd 37,0mm (1.457) (730e)(3/4""d... Greenlee RFQ
3200GB Greenlee 3200GB GRN 3200GB SCREW-DRIVE #2X.250 TYP... Greenlee RFQ
32011 Greenlee 32011 Die, Dia 60mm (730ebb) (3/4""d/s) Greenlee RFQ
32465 Mulberry Metal 32465 4T/GFI PLASTIC WHITE Mulberry Metal RFQ
33-622 Ideal 33-622 F-COMPRESSION HIP KIT Ideal RFQ
33-793 Ideal 33-793 PRO COMPRESSION HIP KIT Ideal RFQ
35-001 Ideal 35-001 Tin Snip, Straight Cut Ideal RFQ
35-046 Ideal 35-046 F-Connector Remover Tool Ideal RFQ
35-781 Ideal 35-781 Replacement Blades for Rotary BX Cabl... Ideal RFQ
35-794 Ideal 35-794 6-Piece Hip Kit Ideal RFQ
363292-01 ON-Q 363292-01 Strip Tool Cat 5 Utp On Q RFQ
368-CK Thomas & Betts 368-CK TB 368-CK CABLE STRIP TOOL #... Thomas And Betts RFQ
4050891 Rittal 4050891 AS 6MM MILL F-PERFORMANCE PKG Rittal RFQ
419620 General Cable 419620 10C12AWG A&S SUPER General Cable RFQ
4414 Thomas & Betts 4414 DIE FOR WT440 TOOL, PUR, BLU, ... Thomas And Betts RFQ
44216 Klein 44216 Electrician's Hybrid Plier Multi-Tool Klein RFQ
45-025 Ideal 45-025 Lil' Ripper Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-091 Ideal 45-091 Stm Std 10-18ga Ideal RFQ
45-092 Ideal 45-092 STM STD 10-22GA Ideal RFQ
45-093 Ideal 45-093 Wire Stripper, 14 - 22 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-098 Ideal 45-098 Stm Std 20-30ga Ideal RFQ
45-099 Ideal 45-099 STM STD 8,10,16,18GA Ideal RFQ
45-101 Ideal 45-101 Wire Stripper,ideal,v-notch,wire Sz: ... Ideal RFQ
45-118SRS Ideal 45-118SRS Side Entry Cable Ripper Ideal RFQ
45-119 Ideal 45-119 Red, White and Blue Handled Wire Stri... Ideal RFQ
45-121 Ideal 45-121 Wire Stripper, 14-26 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-123 Ideal 45-123 Ideal 45-123 Wire Cutter,ideal,t,wi Ideal RFQ
45-124 Ideal 45-124 Wire Stripper, 6-16 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-125 Ideal 45-125 Wire Stripper, 22-32 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-128 Ideal 45-128 Swivel-Blade Cable Stripper, 3/4'' Ideal RFQ
45-129 Ideal 45-129 Swivel-Blade Cable Stripper, 1-1/2"" Ideal RFQ
45-144 Ideal 45-144 Round Cable Slit Ring Tool Ideal RFQ
45-163 Ideal 45-163 Coaxial Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-235 Ideal 45-235 Cable Stripper,ideal,open-throat Cons... Ideal RFQ
45-248 Ideal 45-248 PREMIUM NM CABLE STRIPPER Ideal RFQ
45-249 Ideal 45-249 PREMIUM NM CABLE STRIPPER 12 2 Ideal RFQ
45-262 Ideal 45-262 Wire Stripper, Stripmaster Ideal RFQ
45-292 Ideal 45-292 Wire Stripper, 10-22 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-321 Ideal 45-321 Coax Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-327 Ideal 45-327 10-26awg Maxim Wire Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-352 Ideal 45-352 Wire Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-415 Ideal 45-415 Wire Stripper, 12-20 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-416 Ideal 45-416 Wire Stripper, 16-26 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-418 Ideal 45-418 Wire Stripper, 8-16 AWG - Premium T-8 Ideal RFQ
45-526 Ideal 45-526 Coax Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-605 Ideal 45-605 Preppro Coax Utp Cable Strippr Ideal RFQ
45-615 Ideal 45-615 Wire Stripper, 8-18 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-615PP Ideal 45-615PP Wire Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-618 Ideal 45-618 Wire Stripper, 8-16 AWG - Reflex Supe... Ideal RFQ
45-618PP Ideal Ideal RFQ
45-619 Ideal 45-619 Wire Cutter and Stripper, Red-White-B... Ideal RFQ
45-621 Ideal 45-621 Wire Stripper, 12/2-14/2 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-625 Ideal 45-625 Champion Wire Stripper Ideal RFQ
45-633 Ideal 45-633 C STMLT STD 20-26GA Ideal RFQ
45-640 Ideal 45-640 IDE 45-640 C STMLT STD 24-30GA Ideal RFQ
45-671 Ideal 45-671 Wire Stripper, 16 - 22 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-715 Ideal 45-715 Wire Stripper, Bolt Cutter Ideal RFQ
45-716 Ideal 45-716 Wire Stripper, 14-26 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-718 Ideal 45-718 Wire Stripper, 6-16 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-777 Ideal 45-777 7-in-1 Stripper/Crimper, 8-22 AWG Ideal RFQ
45-778 Ideal 45-778 Multi Crimp Strip Tool Ideal RFQ
45-9120 Ideal 45-9120 Wire Stripper, 1000 Vac, 1500 Vdc Ideal RFQ
45-915 Ideal 45-915 Wire Stripper, 10-20 AWG Ideal RFQ
45500 Greenlee 45500 Kwik Cycle Insulated Term Crimper Greenlee RFQ
45504 Greenlee 45504 Crimper,full Cycle-9"" (pop) Greenlee RFQ
45505 Greenlee 45505 Crimper,non Ins Term Greenlee RFQ
45509 Greenlee 45509 Die Set,insulated Terminals Greenlee RFQ

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