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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Cable And Bolt Cutters Benders, which consists of 06555, 12127R1B, 21649, 22001, 23498 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
06555 Greenlee 06555 Replacement Blades for Greenlee 706 Greenlee RFQ
12127R1B Lenox 12127R1B Plastic Tube Cutter, Replacement Bl... Lenox RFQ
21649 Thomas & Betts 21649 Cable Bender Thomas And Betts RFQ
22001 Klein 22001 KLEIN 22001 Broad Blade Utility She Klein RFQ
23498 Ridgid Tool 23498 Rdg 23498 Pipe And Tubing Cutter... Ridgid Tool RFQ
2776-21 Milwaukee 2776-21 M18 FORCE LOGIC 3"" Underground ... Milwaukee RFQ
2776R-21 Milwaukee 2776R-21 M18 FORCE LOGIC 3"" Underground... Milwaukee RFQ
27858 Ridgid Tool 27858 Blade, Rc-1625 Replacement Ridgid Tool RFQ
30088 Ridgid Tool 30088 Ratchet Action Plastic Pipe & Tu... Ridgid Tool RFQ
30093 Ridgid Tool 30093 RC-2375 Replacement Blade Ridgid Tool RFQ
31632 Ridgid Tool 31632 Rdg 31632 Tubing Cutter,ridgid,s... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32910 Ridgid Tool 32910 Rdg 32910 Tubing And Conduit Cut... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32915 Ridgid Tool 32915 Rdg 32915 Tubing And Conduit Cut... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32920 Ridgid Tool 32920 Rdg 32920 Tubing And Conduit Cut... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32925 Ridgid Tool 32925 Rdg 32925 Tubing And Conduit Cut... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32930 Ridgid Tool 32930 Rdg 32930 Tubing And Conduit Cut... Ridgid Tool RFQ
32985 Ridgid Tool 32985 Rdg 32985 Tubing Cutter,ridgid,s... Ridgid Tool RFQ
35-031 Ideal 35-031 Cable Cutter,ideal,lg Arm,250 Mcm,14.... Ideal RFQ
35-032 Ideal 35-032 CABLE CUTTER,IDEAL,LG Ideal RFQ
35-033 Ideal 35-033 CABLE CUTTER,IDEAL,LG Ideal RFQ
35-052 Ideal 35-052 Cable Cutter, 2/0 Cable Size Ideal RFQ
35-053 Ideal 35-053 Cable Cutter,ideal,ratcheting Ideal RFQ
35-056 Ideal 35-056 Cable Cutter, Ratcheting, 400 MCM. Ideal RFQ
35-076 Ideal 35-076 Drill Powered Cable Cutter Ideal RFQ
35-078 Ideal 35-078 Cable Cutter Drill Bit Ideal RFQ
35-3052 Ideal 35-3052 Cable Cutter,ideal,smart-grip,9.500 ... Ideal RFQ
35175 Ridgid Tool 35175 Rdg 35175 Tube Bender,ridgid,gea... Ridgid Tool RFQ
45206 Greenlee 45206 Ratchet Cable Cutters Greenlee RFQ
45206I Greenlee 45206I GRN 45206I CUTTER,RATCHET CABLE-IN... Greenlee RFQ
45207 Greenlee 45207 Ratchet Cable Cutters Greenlee RFQ
45207I Greenlee 45207I GRN 45207I CUTTER,CABLE-RATCHET 2"... Greenlee RFQ
48-22-4014 Milwaukee 48-22-4014 14"" Bolt Cutter Milwaukee RFQ
48-22-4024 Milwaukee 48-22-4024 24"" Bolt Cutter Milwaukee RFQ
48-22-4260 Milwaukee 48-22-4260 1/2"" Close Quarters Tubing C... Milwaukee RFQ
48-22-4261 Milwaukee 48-22-4261 3/4"" Close Quarters Tubing C... Milwaukee RFQ
48-44-0150 Milwaukee 48-44-0150 18 Gauge Center Shear Blade Milwaukee RFQ
48-44-0410 Milwaukee 48-44-0410 M12 CABLE CUTTER BLADE,FOR 60... Milwaukee RFQ
48-44-0411 Milwaukee 48-44-0411 MILW 48-44-0411 M18 750 MCM C... Milwaukee RFQ
50400 Klein 50400 Cable Bender Klein RFQ
50402 Klein 50402 Cable Bender Klein RFQ
559120 nVent Eriflex 559120 Flexibar Shear Nvent Eriflex RFQ
58-27-77 Maxis 58-27-77 Ratcheting Cable Cutter Maxis RFQ
58-28-22 Maxis 58-28-22 BX/MC Rotary Cutter w/ Lever Maxis RFQ
58-73-83 Maxis 58-73-83 Ratcheting Cable Cutters 1000 CU/AL... Maxis RFQ
58-74-67 Maxis 58-74-67 Round Cable Cutter Maxis RFQ
59-55-62 Maxis 59-55-62 CCPR400S 600MCM RATCHETING CABLE CU... Maxis RFQ
630-4MM Klein 630-4MM Nut Driver, Cushion-grip, 3 Hollow-s... Klein RFQ
63045 Klein 63045 Large Cable Cutter Klein RFQ
63047 Klein 63047 Comm Cable Cutter 37 Inch Klein RFQ
63050 Klein 63050 Cable Cutters Klein RFQ
63050EINS Klein 63050EINS KLEIN 63050-EINS Electricians Cabl... Klein RFQ
63055 Klein 63055 8"" Compact Cable Cutters Klein RFQ
63118 Klein 63118 18 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63124 Klein 63124 24 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63136 Klein 63136 36 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63318 Klein 63318 18"" Steel-Handle Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63330 Klein 63330 30 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63336 Klein 63336 36 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63342 Klein 63342 42 In Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
63364 Klein 63364 Moving Blade Set for Cable Cutter Klein RFQ
63443 Klein 63443 KLEIN 63443 Moving Blade for Cable Klein RFQ
63601 Klein 63601 KLE 63601 CMPT RTCH CBL CTR Klein RFQ
63607 Klein 63607 ACSR Cable Cutter, Small Klein RFQ
63750 Klein 63750 Ratcheting Cable Cutter Klein RFQ
63751 Klein 63751 Replacement Moving Blade Set for 63750 Klein RFQ
63800ACSR Klein 63800ACSR Acsr Cable Cutter Klein RFQ
63831 Klein 63831 KLEIN 63831 Replacement Head 30"" Bo Klein RFQ
63RBCHD Klein 63RBCHD 31"" Bolt Cutter Klein RFQ
704GB Greenlee 704GB GRN 704GB SCREW-SET 1/4-20X.250 SKT Greenlee RFQ
71-21-200-SBA Knipex 71-21-200-SBA High Leverage Angled Bolt Cut... Knipex RFQ
71-31-200-SBA Knipex 71-31-200-SBA High Leverage Bolt Cutters, w... Knipex RFQ
727-INS Greenlee 727-INS GRN 727-INS CABLE CUTTER INSULATE... Greenlee RFQ
727M Greenlee 727M CUTTER,CABLE (POP) Greenlee RFQ
730-1 2 Greenlee 730-1/2 Punch Unit Assy,rd .500(730) Greenlee RFQ
730-100A Greenlee 730-100A GRN 730-100A DIE-RD 2.781 (70,6)... Greenlee RFQ
730-101A Greenlee 730-101A GRN 730-101A Punch-Rd 2.781 (730... Greenlee RFQ
7606SB Greenlee 7606SB Punch Set,hydraulic 1/2-2 (7606sb) Greenlee RFQ
77455 Rack-A-Tiers 77455 Cable Bender Rack A Tiers RFQ
78400 Rack-A-Tiers 78400 Bulldog Small ""Pup"" Bender Rack A Tiers RFQ
78500 Rack-A-Tiers 78500 Bender Rack A Tiers RFQ
78502 Rack-A-Tiers 78502 RCK 78502 BULLDOG 3 PIECE SET Rack A Tiers RFQ
78600 Rack-A-Tiers 78600 RCK 78600 BULLDOG BIG DADDY SET Rack A Tiers RFQ
95-11-165 Knipex 95-11-165 Cable Shears Knipex RFQ
95-11-200 Knipex 95-11-200 Cable Shears Knipex RFQ
95-32-320 Knipex 95-32-320 KNX 95-32-320 3 STAGE DRIVE RATCH... Knipex RFQ
95-61-190-SBA Knipex 95-61-190-SBA Forged Wire Rope Shears Knipex RFQ
9531250 Knipex 9531250 Ratchet Action Cable Cutter, 2-Stag... Knipex RFQ
BC18 Greenlee BC18 18"" Bolt Cutters Greenlee RFQ
BC24 Greenlee BC24 24"" Bolt Cutters Greenlee RFQ
BC30 Greenlee BC30 Cutter, Bolt-30"" Std Greenlee RFQ
BC36 Greenlee BC36 Bolt Cutter, 36"" Greenlee RFQ
BTW150750 Burndy BTW150750 Torque Wrench, 16"" Burndy RFQ
BTW30150 Burndy BTW30150 Torque Wrench, 10.15"" Burndy RFQ
CSR750 Thomas & Betts CSR750 CABLE CUTTER FOR UPTO 750KMC... Thomas And Betts RFQ
CWF400 Panduit CWF400 Conduit Waterfall Panduit RFQ
ES32LX11 Greenlee ES32LX11 In-Line Cable Cutter, Li-ion, 12... Greenlee RFQ
ES32LX120 Greenlee ES32LX120 GRN ES32LX120 CUTTER CABLE, LI,... Greenlee RFQ
ESR1000LX11 Greenlee ESR1000LX11 GRE ESR1000LX11 Greenlee RFQ
ETS8LX11 Greenlee ETS8LX11 Cable Tray Cutter, Battery-Power... Greenlee RFQ
GC-500 Gardner Bender GC-500 Manual Cable Cutter - Up To ... Gardner Bender RFQ
J350 Proto J350 PTO J350 TUBING CUTTER Proto RFQ
J63050 Klein J63050 Journeyman, High Leverage Cable Cutte... Klein RFQ
MS-TC-308 Swagelok MS-TC-308 SWAGELOK TUBE CUTTER Swagelok RFQ
PAT81KFTLI Burndy PAT81KFTLI 18 Volt DC Battery Operated Crim... Burndy RFQ
PJ703V Eaton Wiring Devices PJ703V Wlplt 2G Sgl Rec W/2.1... Eaton Wiring Devices RFQ
RC1000 IToolco RC1000 Ratchet Cutter Itoolco RFQ
SE1000-RS485-IF-NA SolarEdge SE1000-RS485-IF-NA SOLAREDGE SE1000-RS48... Solaredge RFQ
UTP6ASD13 Panduit UTP6ASD13 Copper Patch Cord, Cat 6A (SD), ... Panduit RFQ
VDV600-096 Klein VDV600-096 Coaxial Cable Cutter - CCS, Yello... Klein RFQ

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