Listing of General Purpose Motors Parts and Components

To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is General Purpose Motors, which consists of 00118OS3EB56, 00156ET3E143T-W22, 00158ES1BF56C, 00158ET3E145T-W22, 00218ET3E145T-W22 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately for General Purpose Motors, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
00118OS3EB56 Weg 00118OS3EB56 1HP MOTOR Weg RFQ
00156ET3E143T-W22 Weg 00156ET3E143T-W22 WEG 00156ET3E143T-W22 1.5HP ... Weg RFQ
00158ES1BF56C Weg 00158ES1BF56C 00158ES1BF56C Weg RFQ
00158ET3E145T-W22 Weg 00158ET3E145T-W22 1.5HP 1800 3 60 208-230/460V Weg RFQ
00218ET3E145T-W22 Weg 00218ET3E145T-W22 MTR 2/1800/145T P, 58 LBS. Weg RFQ
00218ET3E145TC-W22 Weg 00218ET3E145TC-W22 2HP 1800RPM Weg RFQ
00236ET3E145T-W22 Weg 00236ET3E145T-W22 2 HP / 3600 Weg RFQ
00318ET3ERS182T Weg 00318ET3ERS182T 3HP 1800 182T Weg RFQ
00518ST3QIE184T-W22 Weg 00518ST3QIE184T-W22 5HP 1800 3 60 460 182/4T Weg RFQ
0054XDSB41A-P 0054XDSB41A-P 5HP MOTOR 1800RPM 460V TEFC-841 184T... Other RFQ
0102XSSB41A-P Toshiba 0102XSSB41A-P TSB 0102XSSB41A-P MTR F210 2... Toshiba RFQ
03018ET3E286T-W22 Weg 03018ET3E286T-W22 30HP 1800RPM Weg RFQ
0506XSSB41A-P Toshiba 0506XSSB41A-P 50 HP 460 1200RPM 365T FRAME Toshiba RFQ
056T17D11051 Marathon Motors 056T17D11051 1/3 1725 DP 56 3/60/2... Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D15568 Marathon Motors 056T17D15568 MOTOR 2HP 380-3-60 3.... Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D15720 Marathon Motors 056T17D15720 EXTENDED SHAFT MOTOR ... Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D15721 Marathon Motors 056T17D15721 EXTENDED SHAFT MOTOR ... Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D5957 Marathon Motors 056T17D5957 MOTOR BD 56HFRM 1HP 20... Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D5958 Marathon Motors 056T17D5958 MOTOR BD Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D5959 Marathon Motors 056T17D5959 MOTOR BD 56HZFRM Marathon Motors RFQ
056T17D5960 Marathon Motors 056T17D5960 MOTOR 3HP 575-3-60 Marathon Motors RFQ
170M7031 Eaton/Bussmann Series 170M7031 1100A Square Body F... Eaton Bussmann Series RFQ
190B1704G01 GE 190B1704G01 GE 9000 VERTICAL Ge RFQ
192209.00 Leeson 192209.00 MOTOR, 3HP, 3600RPM, 2.2KW, 230/4... Leeson RFQ
215TTGN111101 Marathon Motors 215TTGN111101 3HP 900 XP 600V 215T Marathon Motors RFQ
364TTFS6552 Marathon Motors 364TTFS6552 60HP 1780RPM TEFC 364T... Marathon Motors RFQ
40G806 GE 40G806 Motor, Replacement, PMD-806-AE, 2.3HP, 1... Ge RFQ
4101842 Regal-Beloit 4101842 RGB 4101842 RF30A2S 74105 Regal Beloit RFQ
4101843 Regal-Beloit 4101843 RGB 4101843 RF30A3S 74105 Regal Beloit RFQ
4305 Marathon Motors 4305 MRT 4305 1/4 HP 1725 RPM 48Y ... Marathon Motors RFQ
4349 Marathon Motors 4349 5KH39QN9537X 1/6 HP 1 PH 115 ... Marathon Motors RFQ
4355 Marathon Motors 4355 MRT 4355 5KH39QN5525 1/4 1800... Marathon Motors RFQ
4392 Marathon Motors 4392 MRT 4392 5KH39QN9405X 1/2 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
4412 Marathon Motors 4412 MRT 4412 5KH39QN9550X 1/4-1/1... Marathon Motors RFQ
4680 Marathon Motors 4680 MRT 4680 5KH32FN3120T 1/4 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
4730 Marathon Motors 4730 MRT 4730 5KH39QN9725T 1/4-172... Marathon Motors RFQ
4774 Marathon Motors 4774 Motor, Direct Mount, 1/3HP, 1... Marathon Motors RFQ
4781 Marathon Motors 4781 MRT 4781 5KC37HN3898U 1/2 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
4785 Marathon Motors 4785 MRT 4785 5KH32EN5015U 1/4 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5561 Regal-Beloit 5561 Motor, 1/3HP, Variable Speed, 12... Regal Beloit RFQ
5562 Regal-Beloit 5562 Motor, 1/2HP, Variable Speed, 12... Regal Beloit RFQ
5563 Regal-Beloit 5563 Motor, 1/2HP, Variable Speed, 12... Regal Beloit RFQ
5564 Regal-Beloit 5564 Motor, 3/4HP, 120/240VAC, Variab... Regal Beloit RFQ
5565 Regal-Beloit 5565 Motor, 3/4HP, 120/240/277VAC, Va... Regal Beloit RFQ
5566 Regal-Beloit 5566 Motor, 1HP, 120/240VAC, Variable... Regal Beloit RFQ
5567 Regal-Beloit 5567 Motor, 1HP, 120/240/277VAC, Vari... Regal Beloit RFQ
5CD143FA812B800 GE 5CD143FA812B800 Motor DC, 1-1/2HP, CD-186AT Fra... Ge RFQ
5CD193ZD802A800 GE 5CD193ZD802A800 Motor, 40HP, 2500RPM, TEFC, Fra... Ge RFQ
5K46HN4470X Marathon Motors 5K46HN4470X Motor, 208-230/460VAC,... Marathon Motors RFQ
5K49MN4469X Marathon Motors 5K49MN4469X Motor, 208-230/460VAC,... Marathon Motors RFQ
5K49NN4472X Marathon Motors 5K49NN4472X Motor, 208-230/460VAC,... Marathon Motors RFQ
5K49ZN6270BS Marathon Motors 5K49ZN6270BS MRT 5K49ZN6270BS VFD ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5K49ZN6301S Marathon Motors 5K49ZN6301S MRT 5K49ZN6301S 2 HP T... Marathon Motors RFQ
5K49ZN6302S Marathon Motors 5K49ZN6302S Motor, Condenser Fan/H... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KC35MNB639X Marathon Motors 5KC35MNB639X MRT 5KC35MNB639X MTO ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KC36PNB969 Marathon Motors 5KC36PNB969 MRT 5KC36PNB969 921745... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KC42JN0214 Marathon Motors 5KC42JN0214 Motor, Belt Drive, 3/4... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KC49NN0520AX Marathon Motors 5KC49NN0520AX 3/4 1725 DP 56 1/60/... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KC49PN0216 Marathon Motors 5KC49PN0216 Motor, Belt Drive, 1HP... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP29BG8933S Marathon Motors 5KCP29BG8933S MRT 5KCP29BG8933S MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP29BG8950S Marathon Motors 5KCP29BG8950S MRT 5KCP29BG8950S MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP29CK8435S Regal-Beloit 5KCP29CK8435S RGB 5KCP29CK8435S .14HP... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP33KNB267AS Marathon Motors 5KCP33KNB267AS Motor, Blower, 1PH,... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP35FN186MS Marathon Motors 5KCP35FN186MS MRT 5KCP35FN186MS MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP36PNB238W Marathon Motors 5KCP36PNB238W MRT 5KCP36PNB238W MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP37KN89LS Marathon Motors 5KCP37KN89LS Motor, Blower, 1PH, 1... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP37SNB571S Marathon Motors 5KCP37SNB571S Motor, 1/2HP, 1800RP... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP37SNC304S Marathon Motors 5KCP37SNC304S Motor, 1/2HP, 115/23... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP37SNC304X Marathon Motors 5KCP37SNC304X PERMANENT SPLIT Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39CGK145S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39CGK145S RGB 5KCP39CGK145S 1/6HP... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39DG3334S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39DG3334S 3472 MOTOR Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39EGP097S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39EGP097S RGB 5KCP39EGP097S REGAL... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39EGV845S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39EGV845S OEM 1/4 HP MOTOR Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39FGL304BS Marathon Motors 5KCP39FGL304BS MRT 5KCP39FGL304BS ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39FN168AS Marathon Motors 5KCP39FN168AS MRT 5KCP39FN168AS MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39FN170AS Marathon Motors 5KCP39FN170AS MRT 5KCP39FN170AS MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39FN3329AS Marathon Motors 5KCP39FN3329AS MRT 5KCP39FN3329AS ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39FN3348S Marathon Motors 5KCP39FN3348S MRT 5KCP39FN3348S MT... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39GGS214S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39GGS214S RGB 5KCP39GGS214S 1/5HP... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39HGV707S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39HGV707S Motor, HVAC, 1/4HP, 155... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39HGV711S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39HGV711S MOTOR 1/4 HP 115V Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39NGP735S Regal-Beloit 5KCP39NGP735S RGB 5KCP39NGP735S 1/2HP... Regal Beloit RFQ
5KCP39QN9659HW Marathon Motors 5KCP39QN9659HW MRT 5KCP39QN9659HW ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KCP39QNA071BS Marathon Motors 5KCP39QNA071BS MRT 5KCP39QNA071BS ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KH32FNB291S Marathon Motors 5KH32FNB291S Motor, 1/4HP, 1725/14... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KH36MNB791AX Marathon Motors 5KH36MNB791AX Motor, Split Phase, ... Marathon Motors RFQ
5KS184SAA308 GE 5KS184SAA308 M9944 MOTOR Ge RFQ
5KS284XAA924 GE 5KS284XAA924 Motor, 2 Speed, 26-6.25HP, Roller ... Ge RFQ
5KS286XAA927 GE 5KS286XAA927 Motor, XSD Ultra 841, 15-30HP, 900... Ge RFQ
5KS324XAA922 GE 5KS324XAA922 GMT 5KS324XAA922 30/7.5 2-SPEED 3P... Ge RFQ
5KS324XS902 GE 5KS324XS902 30/7.5 2 SPEED Ge RFQ
5KSM81FFL0005A Nidec Motor 5KSM81FFL0005A 5223 MOTOR Nidec Motor RFQ
5MDY744P1 GE 5MDY744P1 Motor, TENV, WP, 5HP, 750RPM, 240VAC,... Ge RFQ
5SCB29DSA0098 Regal-Beloit 5SCB29DSA0098 Motor, EON 42, 1/4HP, 1... Regal Beloit RFQ
5SME39NLHE097 Fasco Motors 5SME39NLHE097 5SME39NLHE097 Fasco Motors RFQ
5SME39NLHE111 Fasco Motors 5SME39NLHE111 5SME39NLHE111 Fasco Motors RFQ
A274 GE Ge RFQ
AOM3614T Baldor AOM3614T BAL AOM3614T Baldor RFQ
B306 Marathon Motors B306 MARATHON B306 Marathon Motors RFQ
B319 Marathon Motors B319 3/4HP 1800RPM 115/230 56 Marathon Motors RFQ
B336 Marathon Motors B336 1.5HP 1800RPM 1PH 56H ODP Marathon Motors RFQ
B871 Century B871 HP 1-1/2 RPM 3600 VOLTS Century RFQ
BM3108 Baldor BM3108 .5HP 1725RPM 3PH 60HZ 56 BRAKE 3416M Baldor RFQ
BM3542 Baldor BM3542 BAL BM3542 Baldor RFQ
C1153 Marathon Motors C1153 MRT C1153 5KC49GN0022X 1/2HP Marathon Motors RFQ
C1157 Marathon Motors C1157 MRT C1157 5KC39RN383X 1 HP 1... Marathon Motors RFQ
C1158 Marathon Motors C1158 1HP 1800RPM 56H 1PH RESIL Marathon Motors RFQ
C1160 Marathon Motors C1160 MRT C1160 1.5 HP 1800 RPM 1P... Marathon Motors RFQ
C1252 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C145 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C147A Marathon Motors C147A 1/4 1725 DP 48 1/60/115/230 Marathon Motors RFQ
C153 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C158 Marathon Motors C158 MRT C158 5KC36LN7 Marathon Motors RFQ
C182 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C186 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C187 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C193 Marathon Motors C193 MRT C193 2HP 1800RPM 56HZ 1PH... Marathon Motors RFQ
C220A Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C221B Marathon Motors C221B 145TTFR16353-1-1/2 HP 1725RP... Marathon Motors RFQ
C222A Regal-Beloit C222A RGB C222A 145TTFR17033 Regal Beloit RFQ
C230 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C242 Marathon Motors C242 5KC32GN9 1/4 HP 1 PH 115/230 ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C243 Marathon Motors C243 MARATHON C243 1/4 HP TEFC Marathon Motors RFQ
C262 Marathon Motors C262 MRT C262 5KC42GN0014X 1/2 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C264 Marathon Motors C264 MRT C264 5KC49UN6065 1/2 HP ,... Marathon Motors RFQ
C268 Marathon Motors C268 5KC46PN0015 3/4 HP 1 PH Marathon Motors RFQ
C269 Marathon Motors C269 MRT C269 5KC46PN0015X 3/4 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C271 Marathon Motors C271 MRT C271 5KCR48WN6066 3/4 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C275 Marathon Motors C275 MRT C275 5KC49TN0034 1 HP 1 P... Marathon Motors RFQ
C276 Marathon Motors C276 MRT C276 5KC49TN0034X 1 HP ,1... Marathon Motors RFQ
C322A Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C349 Marathon Motors C349 MRT C349 5KC36LN166X 1/2 HP 1... Marathon Motors RFQ
C351 Marathon Motors C351 MRT C351 5KC49NN2133X 1 HP 1 ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C376 Marathon Motors C376 MRT C376 5KC49TN0067 1 HP 1 P... Marathon Motors RFQ
C389 Marathon Motors C389 MRT C389 213TTFW4320 7 Marathon Motors RFQ
C405 Marathon Motors C405 MRT C405 182TTTL7034 Marathon Motors RFQ
C406 Marathon Motors C406 MRT C406 184TTTL7041 Marathon Motors RFQ
C407 Marathon Marathon Motors RFQ
C407A Marathon Motors C407A 7 1/2 1800 TENV 213TC 3/60/2... Marathon Motors RFQ
C444 Marathon Motors C444 5KC36LN144X 1/2 HP 1 PH Marathon Motors RFQ
C446 Marathon Motors C446 MRT C446 5KC42GN0018X 1/2HP 1... Marathon Motors RFQ
C462 Marathon Motors C462 MRT C462 5KC33KN19 1/4 HP 1 P... Marathon Motors RFQ
C475 Marathon Motors C475 MRT C475 5KCR49SN3009 1-1/3 H... Marathon Motors RFQ
C56AD32A38P Regal-Beloit C56AD32A38P MOTOR BD 1HP 115/208-230/... Regal Beloit RFQ
C659 Marathon Motors C659 MRT C659 5KCR48WN0566Y 1.5 HP... Marathon Motors RFQ
C660 Marathon Motors C660 MRT C660 5KC49TN0568Y 1 HP 1 ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C662 Marathon Motors C662 MRT C662 5KC49SN2418U 1.5 HP ... Marathon Motors RFQ
C825 Century C825 HP 1/3 RPM 1200 VOLTS Century RFQ
C826 Century C826 HP 1/2 RPM 1800 VOLTS Century RFQ
C829 Century C829 HP 3/4 RPM 1200 VOLTS Century RFQ
C830 Century C830 HP 1 RPM 1800 VOLTS Century RFQ
C832 Century C832 AOS C832 HP 2 RPM 1800 VOLTS Century RFQ
CD5318 Baldor CD5318 1HP 1750RPM DC 56C 3535D TEFC F1 Baldor RFQ
CDP3330 Baldor CDP3330 .5HP 1750RPM DC 56C 3336P TENV F1 Baldor RFQ
CDP3445 Baldor CDP3445 1HP 1750RPM DC 56C 3435P TEFC F1 Baldor RFQ
CEBM3615T-D Baldor CEBM3615T-D BLM CEBM3615T-D 5HP 1750RPM 3 Baldor RFQ
CECP83661T-5 Baldor CECP83661T-5 CECP83661T-5 Baldor RFQ
CEM2334T-5 Baldor CEM2334T-5 BLM CEM2334T-5 20HP 1765RPM 3 Baldor RFQ
CEM2394T Baldor CEM2394T BLM CEM2394T 15HP 3520RPM 3PH Baldor RFQ
CEM2513T Baldor CEM2513T BLM CEM2513T 15HP 1765RPM 3PH Baldor RFQ
CEM3545 Baldor CEM3545 1HP 3450RPM 3PH 60HZ 56C 3516M TEFC... Baldor RFQ
CEM3554 Baldor CEM3554 1.5hp,1760rpm,3ph,60hz,56c,3526m,te... Baldor RFQ
CEM3661T Baldor CEM3661T 3HP 1755RPM 3PH 60HZ 182TC 0632M T... Baldor RFQ
CEM3710T Baldor CEM3710T 7.5HP 1770RPM 3PH 60HZ Baldor RFQ
CEM3714T Baldor CEM3714T 10HP 1770RPM 3PH 60HZ 215TC 3752M ... Baldor RFQ
CEM3770T-5 Baldor CEM3770T-5 CEM3770T-5 Baldor RFQ
CEM3774T Baldor CEM3774T 10HP 1760RPM 3PH 60HZ 215TC 0748M ... Baldor RFQ
CEWDBM3542 Baldor CEWDBM3542 BLM CEWDBM3542 .75HP 1750RPM Baldor RFQ
CG230 Marathon Motors CG230 MRT CG230 5KC46LN0158 Marathon Motors RFQ
CG239 Marathon Motors CG239 MRT CG239 5KCR49SN0012X 1.5 ... Marathon Motors RFQ
CG251 Marathon Motors CG251 MRT CG251 5KC32GN19X 1/4 180... Marathon Motors RFQ
CL3503 Baldor CL3503 BLM CL3503 .5HP 3450RPM 1PH 6 Baldor RFQ
CL3506 Baldor CL3506 BLM CL3506 .75HP 3450RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL3507 Baldor CL3507 BLM CL3507 .75HP 1725RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL3509 Baldor CL3509 BALDOR MOTOR Baldor RFQ
CL3510 Baldor CL3510 1HP 1725RPM 1PH 60HZ 56C 3524L TEFC ... Baldor RFQ
CL3513 Baldor CL3513 BLM CL3513 1.5HP 3450RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL3608TM Baldor CL3608TM BLM CL3608TM 5HP 3450RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL5003A Baldor CL5003A BLM CL5003A .5HP 3450RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL5004A Baldor CL5004A BLM CL5004A .5HP 1725RPM 1PH Baldor RFQ
CL5007-I Baldor CL5007-I BLM CL5007-I .75HP 1725RPM 1P Baldor RFQ
CL5007A-50 Baldor CL5007A-50 BLM CL5007A-50 .75HP 1425RPM Baldor RFQ
CL5009A Baldor CL5009A BLM CL5009A 1HP 3450RPM 1PH 6 Baldor RFQ
CM3543 Baldor CM3543 .75HP 1140RPM 3PH 60HZ 56C 3428M TEF... Baldor RFQ
CM3550 Baldor CM3550 BAL CM3550 Baldor RFQ
D032 Century D032 AOS D032 HP 1/2 RPM 1725 VOLTS 90 Century RFQ
D041 Century D041 HP 1/2 RPM 1725 VOLTS 90 Century RFQ
D1006 Fasco Motors D1006 FSM D1006 1/4 HP 115 VOLT 1600 ... Fasco Motors RFQ
D1032 Fasco Motors D1032 5.0IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1038 Fasco Motors D1038 5.0IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1050 Fasco Motors D1050 5.0IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1101 Fasco Motors D1101 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1103 Fasco Motors D1103 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1107 Fasco Motors D1107 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1109 Fasco Motors D1109 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D111 Marathon Motors D111 MRT D111 056C17D2079 1/2 1800... Marathon Motors RFQ
D1120 Fasco Motors D1120 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1124 Fasco Motors D1124 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1125 Fasco Motors D1125 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
D1126 Fasco Motors D1126 3.3IN DIA Fasco Motors RFQ
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