Listing of Residential Decorative Fixtures Parts and Components

To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Residential Decorative Fixtures, which consists of 0134CS, 050155-009, 050470-009, 050476-009, 050621-009 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately for Residential Decorative Fixtures, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
0134CS McGill 0134CS Diffuser 13W Cylinder Clear Smooth Mcgill RFQ
050155-009 Progress Lighting 050155-009 PROGRESS 050155-009 G... Progress Lighting RFQ
050470-009 Progress Lighting 050470-009 PRO 050470-009 REPLAC... Progress Lighting RFQ
050476-009 Progress Lighting 050476-009 REPLACEMENT GLASS Progress Lighting RFQ
050621-009 Progress Lighting 050621-009 REPLACEMENT LENS FOR Progress Lighting RFQ
050622-009 Progress Lighting 050622-009 REPLACEMENT LENS FOR Progress Lighting RFQ
050690-009 Progress Lighting 050690-009 REPLACEMENT GLASS Progress Lighting RFQ
050691-009 Progress Lighting 050691-009 REPLACEMENT GLASS Progress Lighting RFQ
050692-009 Progress Lighting 050692-009 GLASS P716813EB Progress Lighting RFQ
050700-009 Progress Lighting 050700-009 050700-009 Progress Lighting RFQ
050716-009 Progress Lighting 050716-009 PRO 050716-009 REPLAC... Progress Lighting RFQ
050717-009 Progress Lighting 050717-009 050717-009 Progress Lighting RFQ
050719-009 Progress Lighting 050719-009 PROGRESS 050719-009 G... Progress Lighting RFQ
050769-009 Progress Lighting 050769-009 GLASS P3357 Progress Lighting RFQ
050775-009 Progress Lighting 050775-009 PROG 050775-009 GLASS... Progress Lighting RFQ
050777-009 Progress Lighting 050777-009 PROG 050777-009 GLASS... Progress Lighting RFQ
050792-009 Progress Lighting 050792-009 GLASS PANEL ONLY FOR Progress Lighting RFQ
050793-009 Progress Lighting 050793-009 REPLACEMENT GLASS Progress Lighting RFQ
051019-009 Progress Lighting 051019-009 GLASS ONLY Progress Lighting RFQ
051093-009 Progress Lighting 051093-009 GLASS SHADE Progress Lighting RFQ
051334 Progress Lighting 051334 GLASS FOR P3135 Progress Lighting RFQ
051609 Progress Lighting 051609 GLASS FOR P7093-09 Progress Lighting RFQ
057220-009 Progress Lighting 057220-009 REPLACEMENT COVER Progress Lighting RFQ
057311 Progress Lighting 057311 REPLACEMENT LENS FOR Progress Lighting RFQ
0822122004 Aventics 0822122004 PRA-DA-050-0100-0-2-2-1-1-1-BA... Aventics RFQ
10326NI Kichler 10326NI Fixed Rail 4lt Led Kichler RFQ
10329WH Kichler Kichler RFQ
10330WH Kichler 10330WH KICHLER 10330-WH Kichler RFQ
10335WH Kichler Kichler RFQ
10351 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10352 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10353 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10354 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10355 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10356 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10358 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10359 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10360 Kichler Kichler RFQ
10361 Kichler Kichler RFQ
104203-05 Hubbardton Forge 104203-05 HBF 104203-05 (4) 60B L... Hubbardton Forge RFQ
10425BA Kichler Kichler RFQ
10447WH Kichler Kichler RFQ
10561WH Kichler 10561WH KIC 10561WH Kichler RFQ
10670NI Kichler 10670NI 2-LIGHT WALL SCONCE ADA Kichler RFQ
10679AP Kichler Kichler RFQ
10689WH Kichler 10689WH WALL SCONCE 1LT Kichler RFQ
10697WH Kichler Kichler RFQ
10760WHLED Kichler 10760WHLED FLUSH MOUNT LED Kichler RFQ
10766WHLED Kichler 10766WHLED FLUSH MOUNT LED 11IN Kichler RFQ
10769NILED Kichler 10769NILED FLUSH MOUNT LED Kichler RFQ
10771NI Kichler 10771NI Mini Pendant, 1 Light, Brushed Nic... Kichler RFQ
10784NILED Kichler 10784NILED FLUSH MOUNT LED Kichler RFQ
10784OZLED Kichler 10784OZLED FLUSH MOUNT LED Kichler RFQ
10786NILED Kichler 10786NILED FLUSH MOUNT LED Kichler RFQ
10790OZLED Kichler 10790OZLED WALL SCONCE LED Kichler RFQ
10797NILED Kichler 10797NILED WALL SCONCE LED Kichler RFQ
10799NILED Kichler 10799NILED BATH 3LT LED Kichler RFQ
10827NI Kichler 10827NI Ceiling Light, 2 Light, 26W, Brush... Kichler RFQ
10827OZ Kichler 10827OZ Flush Mt 2lt Fluorescent Kichler RFQ
10828NI Kichler 10828NI FLUSH MOUNT 3 LT Kichler RFQ
10828OZ Kichler 10828OZ FLUSH MT 3LT Kichler RFQ
10836OZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
10842-RET-5BNP Lithonia Lighting 10842-RET-5BNP 2L VANITY POLISHE... Lithonia Lighting RFQ
10859NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
10859TZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
10879NI Kichler 10879NI OVAL CEILING 2LT Kichler RFQ
10890WH Kichler Kichler RFQ
10895AP Kichler Kichler RFQ
10976WHM4 Lithonia Lighting 10976WHM4 Flush Mount Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11108SN Kichler Kichler RFQ
11142NILED Kichler 11142NILED LINEAR BATH 24IN LED Kichler RFQ
11147NILED Kichler 11147NILED 38"" LED Linear Wall Fixture Kichler RFQ
11149NILED Kichler 11149NILED LINEAR BATH 26IN LED Kichler RFQ
11319NILED Kichler 11319NILED LED Wall Sconce, 1 Light, 15 Wa... Kichler RFQ
11530BNM4 Lithonia Lighting 11530BNM4 14IN SEMI-FLS MNT Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11562BNPM4 Lithonia Lighting 11562BNPM4 Lith 11562-bnp-m4 Dec... Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11736BNM4 Lithonia Lighting 11736BNM4 Lith 11736-bn-m4 Decor... Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11750BNM4 Lithonia Lighting 11750BNM4 LITHONIA 11750 BN M4 Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11752-BN Lithonia Lighting 11752-BN 16IN(2) 26W DTT Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11752BNM4 Lithonia Lighting 11752BNM4 Flush Mount Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11762PSTM2 Lithonia Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11881 Lithonia Lighting 11881 11"" Lite Puff Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11891RE Lithonia Lighting 11891RE Ll Bracket Lithonia Lighting RFQ
1193-SN Hudson Valley Lighting 1193-SN HVL 1193-SN (3) 50W... Hudson Valley Lighting RFQ
11955 Lithonia Lighting 11955 2-13W YEL FL WALL SCONCE Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11983BNPM2 Lithonia Lighting 11983BNPM2 Lamp Fixture, Round, ... Lithonia Lighting RFQ
11990GWM4 Lithonia Lighting 11990GWM4 LITHONIA 11990 GW M4 Lithonia Lighting RFQ
12335-206 Minka Lighting 12335-206 ASTON COURT TABLE Minka Lighting RFQ
1275-357 Minka Lighting 1275-357 LINEAGE PENDANT Minka Lighting RFQ
140M-D8V-C16 Allen-Bradley 140M-D8V-C16 Breaker, Motor Protecti... Allen Bradley RFQ
140TDELOAM Tech Lighting 140TDELOAM TEC 140TDELOAM AMBER LG E... Tech Lighting RFQ
1632TZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
1635500 Westinghouse Westinghouse Lighting RFQ
1665-33 Sea Gull 1665-33 Replacement Glass Shade, Satin Wh... Sea Gull RFQ
1665-619 Sea Gull 1665-619 Replacement Glass Shade, Satin E... Sea Gull RFQ
1671NI Kichler 1671NI CHANDELIER 3LT Kichler RFQ
1671OZ Kichler 1671OZ Chandelier 3lt Kichler RFQ
1672NI Kichler 1672NI KIC 1672NI ( 43419 ) Kichler RFQ
1672OZ Kichler 1672OZ KICHLER 1672-OZ Kichler RFQ
1673OZ Kichler 1673OZ Chandelier 6Lt Kichler RFQ
1674OZ Kichler 1674OZ Chandelier 9lt Kichler RFQ
1687NI Kichler 1687NI Kichler 1687NI Kichler RFQ
1731NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
1748NI Kichler 1748NI KICHLER 1748NI Kichler RFQ
1770NI Kichler 1770NI Kichler 1770NI Kichler RFQ
1782NI Kichler 1782NI Chandelier 5lt Down Kichler RFQ
1783NI Kichler 1783NI Chandelier 5lt Kichler RFQ
1784NI Kichler 1784NI Chandelier 9Lt Kichler RFQ
17SQ-WWH Juno Lighting 17SQ-WWH 17SQ square downlight trim ... Juno Lighting RFQ
18-264-302-08-L01 Hubbardton Forge 18-264-302-08-L01 PENDANT Hubbardton Forge RFQ
1827NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
1860CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
1894CH Kichler 1894CH MINI CHANDELIER 3LT Kichler RFQ
1894NI Kichler 1894NI KICHLER 1894-NI Kichler RFQ
1896CH Kichler Kichler RFQ
1896NI Kichler 1896NI KICHLER 1896-NI Kichler RFQ
1896OZ Kichler 1896OZ Chandelier 5lt Up/down Kichler RFQ
1897CH Kichler 1897CH CHANDELIER 9LT Kichler RFQ
1897NI Kichler 1897NI CHANDELIER 9LT Kichler RFQ
1897OZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
190017117 Thomas Lighting 190017117 Bath Light, 3-Light, 100... Thomas Lighting RFQ
190023217 Thomas Lighting 190023217 THO 190023217 PITTMAN WA... Thomas Lighting RFQ
190033217 Thomas Lighting 190033217 Close to Ceiling Light, ... Thomas Lighting RFQ
1901-SN Hudson Valley Lighting 1901-SN HVL 1901-SN NEWPORT... Hudson Valley Lighting RFQ
190130836 Forecast Lighting 190130836 FOL 190130836 (3) 100A... Forecast Lighting RFQ
1907100 Westinghouse Westinghouse Lighting RFQ
190E-BNEJ2-CC16X Allen-Bradley 190E-BNEJ2-CC16X 10-16 A ECONOMY STA... Allen Bradley RFQ
190E-CNKJ1-CC16C Allen-Bradley 190E-CNKJ1-CC16C AB 190E-CNKJ1-CC16C... Allen Bradley RFQ
190S-DNZJ1-DC25C Allen-Bradley Allen Bradley RFQ
1926NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
1957OZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
1974-1-138 Minka Lighting 1974-1-138 WALL SCONCE ASPEN Minka Lighting RFQ
1BT-1713HN-SN Besa Lighting 1BT-1713HN-SN (1) 50W XENON OR Besa Lighting RFQ
1EC-484195-SN Besa Lighting 1EC-484195-SN BSA 1EC-484195-SN KIMO... Besa Lighting RFQ
1JT-4897VM-SN Besa Lighting 1JT-4897VM-SN Mini-Pendant Light, 1 ... Besa Lighting RFQ
2-OVL-2-17-T8-120 Oracle Lighting 2-OVL-2-17-T8-120 ORL 2-OVL-2-17-T... Oracle Lighting RFQ
20018 05 8.5 Lighting Plastics 20018/05/8.5 18"" SPHERE Lighting Plastics RFQ
20115 CL 7.5N Lighting Plastics 20115/CL/7.5N LPF 20115/CL/7.5N ... Lighting Plastics RFQ
2018NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
2019NI Kichler 2019NI Mini Chandelier 4Lt Kichler RFQ
2019TZ Kichler 2019TZ KIC2019-TZ Kichler RFQ
2020NI Kichler 2020NI KICHLER 2020-NI PENDANT Kichler RFQ
2020PB Kichler Kichler RFQ
2021NI Kichler 2021NI KICHLER 2021NI Kichler RFQ
2021TZ Kichler 2021TZ KICHLER 2021-TZ Kichler RFQ
2022NI Kichler 2022NI CHANDELIER 5LT Kichler RFQ
2033TZ Kichler 2033TZ KIC 2033TZ CHANDELIER 5LT Kichler RFQ
2049TZG Kichler 2049TZG CHANDELIER 5LT Kichler RFQ
2055-SN Hudson Valley Lighting 2055-SN (5) 75W G9 XENON VA... Hudson Valley Lighting RFQ
206NI Kichler 206NI Drum Fixture, 1 Light, Brushed Nicke... Kichler RFQ
206WH Kichler 206WH Close to Ceiling Light, 1 Light, 60W... Kichler RFQ
2076NI Kichler 2076NI Chandelier 5lt Kichler RFQ
2076OZ Kichler 2076OZ CHANDELIER 5LT Kichler RFQ
2077NI Kichler 2077NI Chandelier 9Lt Kichler RFQ
2077OZ Kichler 2077OZ CHANDELIER 9LT Kichler RFQ
2084NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
2084OZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
2085NI Kichler 2085NI Chandelier 5lt Kichler RFQ
2086NI Kichler Kichler RFQ
2086OZ Kichler 2086OZ KICH 2086OZ Chandelier 9Lt Kichler RFQ
2088CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
2089CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
208WH Kichler 208WH Flush Mount 1Lt Kichler RFQ
2090CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
2091CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
2092CZ Kichler Kichler RFQ
2093NI Kichler 2093NI KICH 2093NI Chandelier 5Lt Kichler RFQ
2093OZ Kichler 2093OZ KICHLER 2093OZ Kichler RFQ
209NI Kichler 209NI Drum Fixture, 2 Light, Brushed Nicke... Kichler RFQ
209OZ Kichler 209OZ Drum Fixture, 2 Light Kichler RFQ
209WH Kichler 209WH Drum Fixture, 2-Light, 60W, White Kichler RFQ
2102 2PL13 New England Lighting 2102/2PL13 Close to Ceiling L... New England Lighting RFQ
2103 3PL13 New England Lighting 2103/3PL13 Close to Ceiling L... New England Lighting RFQ
2218TZG Kichler Kichler RFQ
2244-77 Minka Lighting 2244-77 1-Light Mini-Pendant, 100W,... Minka Lighting RFQ
23-2850-18-683 Hubbardton Forge 23-2850-18-683 Floor Lamp, 1 Ligh... Hubbardton Forge RFQ
2303TZG Kichler 2303TZG KICHLER 2303-TZG Kichler RFQ
2304TZG Kichler 2304TZG Chandelier 9lt Kichler RFQ
2343NI Kichler 2343NI Chandelier 3Lt Kichler RFQ
2343OZ Kichler 2343OZ KICHLER 2343OZ Kichler RFQ
2344NI Kichler 2344NI CHANDELIER 6LT Kichler RFQ
2344OZ Kichler 2344OZ Chandelier 6lt Kichler RFQ
2346NI Kichler 2346NI CHANDELIER 9LT Kichler RFQ
2346OZ Kichler 2346OZ Chandelier 9lt Kichler RFQ
2347OZ Kichler 2347OZ CHANDELIER 12LT Kichler RFQ
2520404-710 Sea Gull 2520404-710 SGL 2520404-710 4L TRCK KIT B... Sea Gull RFQ
2520NI Kichler 2520NI KIC2520-NI Kichler RFQ
2520TZ Kichler 2520TZ KICHLER 2520-TZ Kichler RFQ
2523TZ Kichler 2523TZ KICH 2523TZ Chandelier 15Lt Kichler RFQ
2556AP Kichler Kichler RFQ
2606TZG Kichler Kichler RFQ
261-BB Hudson Valley Lighting 261-BB HVL 261-BB (1) 60C W... Hudson Valley Lighting RFQ
2643NI Kichler 2643NI KICHLER 2643-NI FIXTURE Kichler RFQ
2664OZ Kichler 2664OZ Mini Pendant 1lt Kichler RFQ
2664PN Kichler 2664PN KICH 2664PN Mini Pendant 1Lt Kichler RFQ
2665OZ Kichler 2665OZ KICHLER 2665OZ Kichler RFQ
2665PN Kichler 2665PN KICH 2665PN Pendant 1Lt Kichler RFQ
2666OZ Kichler 2666OZ KICHLER 2666OZ Kichler RFQ
2666PN Kichler 2666PN Pendant 1lt Kichler RFQ
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