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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Valves, which consists of 0365400, 06.1662.521, 101-023NL, 101-024NL, 101-025NL and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
0365400 Sloan 0365400 ETF749A SENS WINDOW HOUSING ASM Sloan RFQ
06.1662.521 Emerson 06.1662.521 AMS MOUNTING BRACKET 316SS FOR... Emerson RFQ
101-023NL Legend Valve 101-023NL T-1001NL 1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-024NL Legend Valve 101-024NL T-1001NL 3/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-025NL Legend Valve 101-025NL T-1001NL 1IN T-1001 Legend Valve RFQ
101-026NL Legend Valve 101-026NL T-1001NL 1-1/4 Legend Valve RFQ
101-027NL Legend Valve 101-027NL T-1001NL 1-1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-043NL Legend Valve 101-043NL S-1001NL 1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-044NL Legend Valve 101-044NL S-1001NL 3/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-045NL Legend Valve 101-045NL S-1001NL 1IN S-1001 Legend Valve RFQ
101-046NL Legend Valve 101-046NL S-1001NL 1-1/4 Legend Valve RFQ
101-101NL Legend Valve 101-101NL T-1001NL 1/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-102NL Legend Valve 101-102NL T-1001NL 3/8IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-110NL Legend Valve 101-110NL T-1001NL 3IN T-1001 NO LEAD... Legend Valve RFQ
101-300NL Legend Valve 101-300NL T-1001NL 1/8IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-503NL Legend Valve 101-503NL T-1100NL 1/2IN T-1100 NO LE... Legend Valve RFQ
101-513NL Legend Valve 101-513NL S-1100NL 1/2IN S-1100 NO LE... Legend Valve RFQ
101-514NL Legend Valve 101-514NL S-1100NL 3/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-585NL Legend Valve 101-585NL T-806NL 1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-586NL Legend Valve 101-586NL T-806NL 3/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-643NL Legend Valve 101-643NL T-1009NL 1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
101-644NL Legend Valve 101-644NL NO LEAD FORGED BRASS FULL P... Legend Valve RFQ
101-955 Legend Valve 101-955 ACCESSORIES 3/4-1-1/4IN LOCKI... Legend Valve RFQ
101-956 Legend Valve 101-956 ACCESSORIES 1-1/2IN-2IN LOCKI... Legend Valve RFQ
102-102 Legend Valve 102-102 T-3000 3/8IN T-3000 Legend Valve RFQ
102-103 Legend Valve 102-103 T-3000 1/2IN T-3000 Legend Valve RFQ
102-104 Legend Valve 102-104 T-3000 3/4IN T-3000 Legend Valve RFQ
103-104 Legend Valve 103-104 T-421 3/4IN T-421 Legend Valve RFQ
103-106NL Legend Valve 103-106NL T-421NL 1-1/4 T-421 NO LEAD... Legend Valve RFQ
104-707NL Legend Valve 104-707NL T-408NL 1-1/2 T-408 Legend Valve RFQ
1040705 Apollo Valves 1040705 VLV REL 3/4IN 30PSI Apollo Valves RFQ
105-103NL Legend Valve 105-103NL T-451NL 1/2IN T-451 Legend Valve RFQ
105-104NL Legend Valve 105-104NL T-451NL 3/4IN T-451 Legend Valve RFQ
105-105NL Legend Valve 105-105NL T-451NL 1IN T-451 NO Legend Valve RFQ
105-106NL Legend Valve 105-106NL T-451NL 1-1/4 T-451 Legend Valve RFQ
105-107NL Legend Valve 105-107NL T-451NL 1-1/2 T-451 Legend Valve RFQ
105-108NL Legend Valve 105-108NL T-451NL 2IN T-451 NO Legend Valve RFQ
105-203NL Legend Valve 105-203NL S-451NL 1/2IN S-451 Legend Valve RFQ
105-304NL Legend Valve 105-304NL T-453NL 3/4IN T-453 NO LEAD... Legend Valve RFQ
105-443NL Legend Valve 105-443NL T-455NL 1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
105-444NL Legend Valve 105-444NL T-455NL 3/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
105-445NL Legend Valve 105-445NL T-455NL 1IN T-445NL Legend Valve RFQ
105-446NL Legend Valve 105-446NL T-455NL 1-1/4 Legend Valve RFQ
105-447NL Legend Valve 105-447NL T-455NL 1-1/2 Legend Valve RFQ
105-448NL Legend Valve 105-448NL T-455NL 2IN T-445NL Legend Valve RFQ
105-475NL Legend Valve 105-475NL T-448NL 1IN T-448 Legend Valve RFQ
105-476NL Legend Valve 105-476NL T-448NL 1-1/4IN Legend Valve RFQ
105-504NL Legend Valve 105-504NL T-15NL 3/4 T15 NO Legend Valve RFQ
105-505NL Legend Valve 105-505NL T-15NL 1 T-15 NO Legend Valve RFQ
105-506NL Legend Valve 105-506NL T-15NL 1-1/4 T-15 NO LEAD B... Legend Valve RFQ
105-507NL Legend Valve 105-507NL T-15NL 1-1/2 T-15 NO LEAD B... Legend Valve RFQ
105-508NL Legend Valve 105-508NL T-15NL 2 T-15 NO LEAD BRONZ... Legend Valve RFQ
105-523 Legend Valve 105-523 T-17 1/2IN T-17 CAST IRON Y-S... Legend Valve RFQ
105-525 Legend Valve 105-525 T-17 1IN T-17 CAST IRON Y-STR... Legend Valve RFQ
105-526 Legend Valve 105-526 T-17 1-1/4IN T-17CAST IRON Y-... Legend Valve RFQ
105-527 Legend Valve 105-527 T-17 1-1/2IN T-17CAST IRON Y-... Legend Valve RFQ
107-143NL Legend Valve 107-143NL T-521NL 1/2 T-521 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-144NL Legend Valve 107-144NL T-521NL 3/4 T-521 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-167NL Legend Valve 107-167NL T-537NL 1/2IN T-537 Legend Valve RFQ
107-168NL Legend Valve 107-168NL T-537NL 3/4IN T-537 Legend Valve RFQ
107-174NL Legend Valve 107-174NL T-541NL 1/2 T-541 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-175NL Legend Valve 107-175NL T-541NL 3/4 T-541 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-194NL Legend Valve 107-194NL T-553NL 3/4IN T-553 Legend Valve RFQ
107-543NL Legend Valve 107-543NL R-670NL 1/2 R670 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-544NL Legend Valve 107-544NL R-670NL 3/4 R670 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-567NL Legend Valve 107-567NL R-671NL 1/2 R671 NO Legend Valve RFQ
107-568NL Legend Valve 107-568NL R-671NL 3/4 R671 NO Legend Valve RFQ
110-331 Legend Valve 110-331 T-70 1/8IN T-70 Legend Valve RFQ
110-338 Legend Valve 110-338 T-77 1/8IN T-77 COIN Legend Valve RFQ
110-340 Legend Valve 110-340 T-77 KEY FOR COIN KEY Legend Valve RFQ
110-404 Legend Valve 110-404 S-464 3/4IN S-464 BRASS PURGE... Legend Valve RFQ
111-114NL Legend Valve 111-114NL T-442NL 3/4 FLARE X Legend Valve RFQ
111-123NL Legend Valve 111-123NL T-443NL 3/4 FNPT X Legend Valve RFQ
111-124NL Legend Valve 111-124NL T-443NL 3/4 FNPT X 1 FLARE ... Legend Valve RFQ
111-133 Legend Valve 111-133 T-11 1/2IN T-11 BRASS Legend Valve RFQ
111-134 Legend Valve 111-134 S-11 1/2IN S-11 BRASS Legend Valve RFQ
11283496 Emerson 11283496 SS BRACKET FOR M6AVIS-4-AMS Emerson RFQ
11286719 Emerson 11286719 SS BRACKET FOR M25VIS-4F Emerson RFQ
113-148 Legend Valve 113-148 T-712 2IN T-712 FULL PORT .31... Legend Valve RFQ
114-602NL Legend Valve 114-602NL T-595NLFNPT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-603NL Legend Valve 114-603NL T-595NLFNPT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-604NL Legend Valve 114-604NL T-595NLOD X OD 5/8OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-607NL Legend Valve 114-607NL T-595NLCPVC X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-613NL Legend Valve 114-613NL T-595NLSWEAT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-614NL Legend Valve 114-614NL T-595NLOD X OD 5/8IN Legend Valve RFQ
114-615NL Legend Valve 114-615NL NO LEAD CHROME BRASS 1/4 TU... Legend Valve RFQ
114-702NL Legend Valve 114-702NL T-596NLFNPT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-703NL Legend Valve 114-703NL T-596NLFNPT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-707NL Legend Valve 114-707NL T-596NLCPVC X OD 1/2 Legend Valve RFQ
114-709NL Legend Valve 114-709NL T-596NLPEX X OD 1/2 Legend Valve RFQ
114-713NL Legend Valve 114-713NL T-596NLSWEAT X OD Legend Valve RFQ
114-731NL Legend Valve 114-731NL 5/8ODX3/8OD T-598NL NO LEAD... Legend Valve RFQ
114-803NL Legend Valve 114-803NL NO LEAD CHROME BRASS DUAL O... Legend Valve RFQ
114-804NL Legend Valve 114-804NL T-597NLOD X OD X OD Legend Valve RFQ
115-113 Legend Valve 115-113 T-459 1/2IN T-459 FORGED BRAS... Legend Valve RFQ
15112B25CE Apollo Valves 15112B25CE VLV AIR REL CE Apollo Valves RFQ
15836-0150 Sharkbite 15836-0150 NCLX-5 3/4IN 150# TEMP AND PR... Sharkbite RFQ
17CP-10-MH Woodford 17CP-10-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17CP-12-MH Woodford 17CP-12-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17CP-14-MH Woodford 17CP-14-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17CP-4-MH Woodford 17CP-4-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17CP-6-MH Woodford 17CP-6-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17CP-8-MH Woodford 17CP-8-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17PX-10-MH Woodford 17PX-10-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17PX-12-MH Woodford 17PX-12-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17PX-14-MH Woodford 17PX-14-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET 1/2 PX IN... Woodford RFQ
17PX-16-MH Woodford 17PX-16-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
17PX-8-MH Woodford 17PX-8-MH MODEL 17 WALL FAUCET Woodford RFQ
201-203 Legend Valve 201-203 T/S-603 1/2IN T/S603 Legend Valve RFQ
201-204 Legend Valve 201-204 T/S-603 3/4IN T/S603 Legend Valve RFQ
201-205 Legend Valve 201-205 T/S-603 1IN T/S603 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-206 Legend Valve 201-206 T/S-603 1-1/4IN T/S603 Legend Valve RFQ
201-207 Legend Valve 201-207 T/S-603 1-1/2IN T/S603 Legend Valve RFQ
201-208 Legend Valve 201-208 T/S-603 2IN T/S603 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-210 Legend Valve 201-210 S-603 3IN S-603 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-403 Legend Valve 201-403 S-601 1/2INS-601 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-404 Legend Valve 201-404 S-601 3/4IN S-601 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-405 Legend Valve 201-405 S-601 1IN S-601 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-406 Legend Valve 201-406 S-601 1-1/4IN S-601 Legend Valve RFQ
201-407 Legend Valve 201-407 S-601 1-1/2IN S-601 Legend Valve RFQ
201-408 Legend Valve 201-408 S-601 2IN S-601 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-410 Legend Valve 201-410 S-601 3IN S-601 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-433 Legend Valve 201-433 S-602 1/2IN S-602 PVC BALL VA... Legend Valve RFQ
201-434 Legend Valve 201-434 S-602 3/4IN S-602 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-435 Legend Valve 201-435 S-602 1IN S-602 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
201-437 Legend Valve 201-437 S-602 1-1/2IN S-602 Legend Valve RFQ
202-403 Legend Valve 202-403 S-605 1/2IN S-605 CPVC Legend Valve RFQ
202-404 Legend Valve 202-404 S-605 3/4IN S-605 CPVC Legend Valve RFQ
203-205 Legend Valve 203-205 S-611 1IN S-611 PVC IN-LINE C... Legend Valve RFQ
203-208 Legend Valve 203-208 S-611 2IN S-611 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
203-227 Legend Valve 203-227 S-613 1-1/4IN/1-1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
203-228 Legend Valve 203-228 S-613 2IN S-613 SUMP Legend Valve RFQ
203-237 Legend Valve 203-237 S-614 1-1/4IN/1-1/2IN Legend Valve RFQ
203-238 Legend Valve 203-238 S-614 2IN S-614 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
203-258 Legend Valve 203-258 S-670 2IN S-670 PVC Legend Valve RFQ
22185-0000LF Sharkbite 22185-0000LF 3/4 BALL VALVE LF Sharkbite RFQ
22222-0000LF Sharkbite 22222-0000LF 1/2 BALL VALVE LF Sharkbite RFQ
22CP-10-MH Woodford 22CP-10-MH MODEL 22CP FREEZELESS HOT & CO... Woodford RFQ
22CP-12-MH Woodford 22CP-12-MH MODEL 22CP FREEZELESS HOT & CO... Woodford RFQ
23036-0000LF Sharkbite 23036-0000LF 1/2"" SB X 3/8"" Compressio... Sharkbite RFQ
23037-0000LF Sharkbite 23037-0000LF 1/2SB X 3/8 COMP COMPRESSIO... Sharkbite RFQ
23336-0000LF Sharkbite 23336-0000LF 1/2SB X 1/4 COMPRESSION ANG... Sharkbite RFQ
23337-0000LF Sharkbite 23337-0000LF 1/2SB X 1/4 COMPRESSION STR... Sharkbite RFQ
23354-0150 Sharkbite 23354-0150 3/4IN 150LB TEMP AND PRESSURE... Sharkbite RFQ
24005 Viega 24005 VIE 24005 PROPRESS 3/4P HYDRONIC Viega RFQ
24020 Viega 24020 PROPRESS 1-1/2P HYDRONIC BALL VALVE Viega RFQ
27070 Gems Sensors & Controls 27070 FS-200 1-1/4IN FLOW ... Gems Sensors And Controls RFQ
313-217NL Legend Valve 313-217NL 1-1/2 T4301 NO LEAD PAK X P... Legend Valve RFQ
3250400 Sloan 3250400 SLNV 3250400 SLOAN 8111 OPTIMA PLUS Sloan RFQ
3301036 Sloan 3301036 A36A REPAIR KIT 4.5 CLOSET Sloan RFQ
3301037 Sloan 3301037 A37A REPAIR KIT 1.5 URINAL Sloan RFQ
3301038 Sloan 3301038 A38A REPAIR KIT 3.5 CLOSET Sloan RFQ
3301041 Sloan 3301041 A41A REPAIR KIT 1.6 CLOSET Sloan RFQ
3305043 Sloan 3305043 EL128A REPAIR KIT SOLENOID ACT CARTR Sloan RFQ
3308853 Sloan 3308853 H541ASD REP KIT F/ I IN H500600 3/4 ... Sloan RFQ
3308856 Sloan 3308856 H543ASD REP KIT F/ H540A H600A 3/4 S... Sloan RFQ
3323192 Sloan 3323192 V551A VAC BRKR REP KIT (V500A/V500AA... Sloan RFQ
3325000 Sloan 3325000 EBV1022A OPT PLUS REP KIT URINAL Sloan RFQ
3325001 Sloan 3325001 EBV1020A OPT PL REP KIT CLOSET Sloan RFQ
3325451 Sloan 3325451 EBV-129A-U ELECTRONIC MODULE - URINA... Sloan RFQ
4-BZ-SS Parker 4-BZ-SS PHN 4-BZ-SS NUT, TUBE: HEX, SS, Parker RFQ
40004A2 Apollo Valves 40004A2 KIT CHK REPAIR 3/4IN -1IN 40... Apollo Valves RFQ
40004A4 Apollo Valves 40004A4 KIT COMPLETE RUBBER REPAIR Apollo Valves RFQ
4901-110 A.Y. McDonald Mfg. 4901-110 A.Y. MCDONALD MFG 1071... A Y Mcdonald Mfg RFQ
4901-111 A.Y. McDonald Mfg. 4901-111 A.Y. MCDONALD MFG 1071... A Y Mcdonald Mfg RFQ
4901-112 A.Y. McDonald Mfg. 4901-112 A.Y. MCDONALD MFG 1071... A Y Mcdonald Mfg RFQ
514T03 Matco-Norca 514T03 1/2IN IPS GATE VALVE Matco Norca RFQ
514T04 Matco-Norca 514T04 3/4IN IPS GATE VALVE NOT FOR PO... Matco Norca RFQ
514T05 Matco-Norca 514T05 1IN GATE VALVE FULL PORT CAST B... Matco Norca RFQ
514T08 Matco-Norca 514T08 2IN IPS GATE VALVE NOT Matco Norca RFQ
514T08LF Matco-Norca 514T08LF 2IN GATE VALVE IPS LEAD FREE Matco Norca RFQ
521T03 Matco-Norca 521T03 1/2IN IPS SWING CHECK Matco Norca RFQ
521T04 Matco-Norca 521T04 3/4IN IPS SWING CHECK VALVE NOT... Matco Norca RFQ
521T05 Matco-Norca 521T05 1IN IPS SWING CHECK VALVE NOT F... Matco Norca RFQ
521T08 Matco-Norca 521T08 MATN 521T08 2IN IPS SWING CHECK Matco Norca RFQ
521T08LF Matco-Norca 521T08LF 2IN IPS SWING CHECK VALVE LEA... Matco Norca RFQ
5301189 Sloan 5301189 A156AA WASHER SET (6 PACK) Sloan RFQ
5302279 Sloan 5302279 B32A HANDLE ASM (6 PACK) Sloan RFQ
5302305 Sloan 5302305 B50A HANDLE ASM REGAL REP KIT (6 PAC... Sloan RFQ
5308696 Sloan 5308696 H553 O-RING (24 PER BAG) Sloan RFQ
5323007 Sloan 5323007 V500AA CP VAC BRKR 1-1/2 X 9 (6 PACK... Sloan RFQ
630-7755 Mansfield 630-7755 SERVICE PACK 300/500 SERIES MAN... Mansfield RFQ
630-7965 Mansfield 630-7965 HANDLE KIT FOR 300/500 MANSFIEL... Mansfield RFQ
6BZSS Parker 6BZSS PHN 6BZSS NUT, TUBE: HEX, SS, 3/8"", Parker RFQ
70-108-27 Apollo Valves 70-108-27 2IN NPT BRZ BALL Apollo Valves RFQ
70-144-64 Apollo Valves 70-144-64 3/4IN BALL VALVE W/SS BALL... Apollo Valves RFQ
70-203-01 Apollo Valves 70-203-01 1/2IN BRZ BALL Apollo Valves RFQ
7010101 Apollo Valves 7010101 BV 1/4IN NPT BRZ FP Apollo Valves RFQ
7010127 Apollo Valves 7010127 BV 1/4IN NPT BRZ Apollo Valves RFQ
7010157 Apollo Valves 7010157 BV 1/4IN NPT BRZ OXY Apollo Valves RFQ
7010201 Apollo Valves 7010201 BV 3/8IN NPT BRZ FP Apollo Valves RFQ
7010227 Apollo Valves 7010227 BV 3/8IN NPT BRZ Apollo Valves RFQ
7010301 Apollo Valves 7010301 BV 1/2IN NPT BRZ FP Apollo Valves RFQ
7010327 Apollo Valves 7010327 BV 1/2IN NPT BRZ Apollo Valves RFQ
7010341 Apollo Valves 7010341 BV 1/2IN NPT BRZ AUTO DRN Apollo Valves RFQ
7010357 Apollo Valves 7010357 BV 1/2IN NPT BRZ OXY Apollo Valves RFQ
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