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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories on our website feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Proximity Capacitive, which consists of 125-7Y-06K, 875C-F10C30-A2, 875C-F10C30-R3, 875C-F10N30-A2, 875C-F10N30-R3 and many other top quality parts. At Industrial Gamut, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we offer more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial market. Each of these is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as we specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Furthermore, any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
125-7Y-06K Edwards 125-7Y-06K Sensor, Proximity, Non-Contact,... Edwards RFQ
875C-F10C30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-F10C30-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-F10C30-R3 Allen-Bradley 875C-F10C30-R3 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-F10N30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-F10N30-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-F10N30-R3 Allen-Bradley 875C-F10N30-R3 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-F5C18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-F5C18-A2 CAPACITIVE Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-F5N18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-F5N18-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10CN30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10CN30-A2 ALB 875C-M10CN30-A2 ... Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10CP30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10CP30-A2 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10CP30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10CP30-D4 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10NN30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10NN30-A2 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10NN30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10NN30-D4 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10NP30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10NP30-A2 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M10NP30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875C-M10NP30-D4 CYL NICKEL Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M2NP12-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M2NP12-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5CP18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5CP18-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5CP18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5CP18-P3 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5NN18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5NN18-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5NN18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5NN18-P3 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5NP18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5NP18-A2 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875C-M5NP18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875C-M5NP18-P3 CYL NICKEL PLATED Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G20C30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G20C30-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G20C30-R3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G20C30-R3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G20N30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G20N30-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G20N30-R3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G20N30-R3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G8C18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G8C18-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-G8N18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-G8N18-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-GM30C34-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-GM30C34-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-GM30C34-R3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-GM30C34-R3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-GM30N34-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-GM30N34-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-GM30N34-R3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-GM30N34-R3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20CN30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20CN30-A2 ALB 875CP-N20CN30-A... Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20CN30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20CN30-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20CP30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20CP30-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20CP30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20CP30-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20NN30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20NN30-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20NN30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20NN30-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20NP30-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20NP30-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N20NP30-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N20NP30-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8CN18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8CN18-P3 CAPATITIVE Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8CP18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8CP18-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8CP18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8CP18-P3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8NN18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8NN18-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8NN18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8NN18-P3 AB 875CP-N8NN18-P3 C... Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8NP18-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8NP18-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-N8NP18-P3 Allen-Bradley 875CP-N8NP18-P3 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30CN34-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30CN34-D4 CAPATITIVE Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30CP34-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30CP34-A2 AB 875CP-NM30CP34-... Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30CP34-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30CP34-D4 ALB 875CP-NM30CP34... Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30NN34-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30NN34-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30NN34-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30NN34-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30NP34-A2 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30NP34-A2 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
875CP-NM30NP34-D4 Allen-Bradley 875CP-NM30NP34-D4 CYLINDRICAL Allen Bradley RFQ
BC10-P30SR-FZ3X2 W M16X1.5 Turck BC10-P30SR-FZ3X2/W/M16X1.5 SWITCH SENSOR ASS... Turck RFQ
E53KAL18A2 Eaton E53KAL18A2 18MM CAP PROX 2W AC Eaton RFQ
E53KAL18A2E Eaton E53KAL18A2E Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KAL30A2 Eaton E53KAL30A2 Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KAL30A2E Eaton E53KAL30A2E CCP2-3030A-A2L2 Eaton RFQ
E53KAL30A2EA Eaton E53KAL30A2EA Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KAL30A2SA Eaton E53KAL30A2SA Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KAL30T111E Eaton E53KAL30T111E ETN E53KAL30T111E Capacitive P... Eaton RFQ
E53KAL34A2E Eaton E53KAL34A2E Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KAL34T111E Eaton E53KAL34T111E Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KBL18A2 Eaton E53KBL18A2 Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
E53KBL30A2E Eaton E53KBL30A2E CCP2-3025A-B2L2 Eaton RFQ
E53KBL30A2EA Eaton E53KBL30A2EA Capacitive Proximity Sensor Eaton RFQ
KG3500 IFM Electronic KG3500 EFE KG3500 CAPACITVE PROXIMI... Ifm Electronic RFQ
KGE2008FBOA IFM Electronic KGE2008FBOA CAPACITIVE Ifm Electronic RFQ
KI0054 IFM Electronic KI0054 CAPACITIVE PROXIMITY Ifm Electronic RFQ
KI0202 IFM Electronic KI0202 EFE KI0202 KI-2015-ABOA/NI Ifm Electronic RFQ
KI0207 IFM Electronic KI0207 IFMKI0207 SENSOR EFECTOR Ifm Electronic RFQ
KI3513 IFM Electronic KI3513 AC/DC CAPACITIVE SENSOR Ifm Electronic RFQ
KI5024 IFM Electronic KI5024 EFE KI5024 CAPACITIVE SENSOR... Ifm Electronic RFQ
KIE2015-FBOA NI LS IFM Electronic KIE2015-FBOA/NI/LS CAPACITIVE Ifm Electronic RFQ

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