What Are Common Hardware Tools in the Electronic Industry?

When you are building and engineering, electronic tools and equipment are essential for the success and efficiency of your projects. Both hardware and software are important in the electronic industry, each of which offer different functions. This blog will focus specifically on hardware tools used for proper project preparation and setup, as it is important to understand the proper uses for each tool type when working with electronics. Hardware comprises five categories, those of which are hand tools, soldering tools, measurement tools, prototyping tools, and auxiliary tools. Each of the five categories includes multiple tools with similar functions, which will be further explored below.

Hand tools are considered the most basic category of hardware given that some designs require no additional power source, and they are operated manually. One subcategory of hand tools includes driving tools, or tools used for tightening, loosening, and removing parts like screws, bits, nuts, and bolts. Examples of these tools are all types of screwdrivers, those of which vary by the shape and size of their heads, as well as wrenches. A second category of hardware consists of cutting tools, which function to remove parts of materials. These can vary from small utility knives to large hacksaws, and they can also come in the form of pliers. Pliers offer additional functions other than cutting like soldering, holding, and tightening; however, they are considered cutting tools because they are frequently used to clip wires and other electrical components. The third category of hand tools is surgical tools, some of which can be applied to electronics like scissors, tweezers, and forceps. These tools prove useful for dealing with circuits and performing both soldering and desoldering. While many hand tools do not require power, others use power for functions that could not otherwise be performed without such means. Boring tools are a category of tools that rely on rotary motion to bore holes. Boring tools are often coupled with drill bits to both push the material aside and remove it, leaving behind a hole.

Unlike hand tools, soldering tools rely on electricity to connect the circuits with wires and components. For example, a soldering iron is a device for applying heat to melt solder to form an electrical and physical connection between two surfaces. One might also use a soldering station to keep the iron in place or desoldering tools to disassemble a circuit. Another category of hardware tools that often relies on electricity are measuring tools. This type of hardware is used to measure some parameter of a specific device like voltage, resistance, or current. Examples include multimeters, LCR meters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators.

Prototyping tools are a category of tools used to make wire connecting an easier process. For example, a beginner might use a breadboard with its matrix of connector holes to practice connecting wires without permanence. This tool is often coupled with jumper wires. A Zero PCB board is another popular prototyping tool with disconnected copper patches that must be soldered before they work. All remaining miscellaneous tools fall into the final category of auxiliary tools, such as magnifying glasses, paint brushes, measuring tapes, hammers, flashlights, and more.

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